Premium Medical Billing
Services for Physicians

At MedHeave, medical billing experts will take care of
RCM so you can maximize revenue and provide
outstanding care to your patients.


    Best Revenue Cycle Management Solutions From
    Medheave Billing Company

    MedHeave is a Massachusetts-based medical billing company. We offer complete RCM services all over the US. We have years of experience reducing medical staff’s administrative workload.

    Additionally, we handle billing, coding, A/R services, medical credentialing, etc. Our patient billing specialists take care of paperwork and let you give the best in treating the patients. We help providers apply the best practices of a patient-centric approach. We keep your revenue cycle management neat and tidy.

    Our State-of-the-Art RCM Services

    A snapshot of our priceless revenue cycle management services is given below:

    Medical Billing Service icon

    Medical Billing Services

    Tailor-made billing solutions that fit perfectly with your practice’s requirements.

    Medical Coding icon

    Medical Coding Services

    Certified coders are here to help you with correct diagnosis and code-assigning tasks.

    Prior Authorization icon

    Prior Authorization Services

    Prior authorization helps you avoid costly denials that weaken your financial health.

    Patient Help Desk icon

    Patient Help Desk

    Virtual patient assistants are available 24/7 to provide useful information to patients.

    verification icon

    Verification of Benefits

    Verification helps physicians provide services covered by the insurance plan.

    medical credentialing icon

    Medical Credentialing Services

    Get in-network and out-of-network contracts with top US insurance companies easily.

    chronic care icon

    Chronic Care Management Services

    Provide medical care to patients suffering from chronic illnesses and alleviate their pain.

    patient cetered icon

    Healthcare Business Analytic Services

    Get financial audits and business analytic reports to help you make critical decisions. 

    Emergency Room
    Billing Services

    ER Billing Services is an integral part of Healthcare’s RCM. Manage your emergency room billing and coding to streamline critical care and mistake-free claims.

    emergency room billing service home image single

    Benefits of Our Medical Billing Services
    For Healthcare Providers

    The benefits we offer to physicians are unparalleled in the industry. These unique and custom fit solutions for every practice erase financial troubles in a snap. We assure you a change in billing experience with our skilled team.

    Reasons Why to
    Choose Us

    We are your best option to avoid mistakes in patient billing and increasing revenue. Medheave medical billing services comprise industry’s experts and best practices. By hiring us, you enter in the world of endless possibilities.

    • Providers get the best value for money
    • Economical, feasible for small and large practices
    • Reduces your healthcare staff’s workload
    • Quick recovery of claims and aging accounts
    • Friendly and supportive team
    • Suitable to all medical specialties (consultation, surgical procedures, etc)
    • HIPAA certified, following latest ICD-10, CPT guidelines
    • 365 days availability for all medical practices (ER, Urgent care)


    Medical Specialties

    What specialties does MedHeave provide medical billing and coding services for?

    MedHeave is a top-rated medical billing company that deals with all types of medical disciplines. Our patient billing services cover the entire revenue cycle management of small and large hospitals and clinics. Our skilled staff excelled in the following specialties:

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    MedHeave is a top-rated medical billing company that deals with all types of medical disciplines. Our patient billing services cover the entire revenue cycle management of small and large hospitals and clinics. Our skilled staff handles specialties such as Endocrinology, Medicine, Oncology, Neurology, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Mental Health, ER, Pathology, etc.

    We know what healthcare providers love most: giving optimum medical care to their patients. At MedHeave, we make sure you never have to think about managing paperwork for payments, denial claims, etc. Our professional medical billing experts ensure you keep serving your patients while we do the financial work. We are a globally recognized medical billing company with years of experience. With us by your side, your business will grow many folds in no time. Here’s why you’ll never find a certified team like us;

    • Certified professional staff readily available to sort out your issues.
    • Complete Revenue Cycle Management solution.
    • Top-notch and updated ICD, CPT, and HCPCS solutions.
    • World’s top medical facilities and physicians trust us.
    • Dedicated team for every healthcare provider, making sure you’re served day in day out.
    • Absolute success in minimizing denials and rejections of claims 
    • Accounts receivable follow-up, full scale management solution

    We know healthcare providers and medical facilities are always under tremendous pressure to care for patients, besides taking care of complicated billing management as well. At MedHeave, we understand how important it is to generate revenue to keep running your clinic, hospital, and facility. 

    We make sure you just have to do the treatment, while the financial and billing sides are outsourced to industry experts. We know that in these tough economic conditions, generating a constant flow of money is a big headache. Let us do our best. With our help, your revenue will not only grow, but you will also be a benchmark for the rest of the industry. 

    Our prestigious customers have grown their businesses by many folds in months and years with streamlined revenue generation. Our team will ensure you never get a denial or rejection claim in your inventory.