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Let our medical billing experts optimize your revenue cycle management. We enable healthcare practices to increase cash flow and avoid denials. Permanently!


Our Services For Providers Practicing in Massachusetts

For a streamlined medical billing process, we offer following services for perfect practice management.

Medical Billing

We offer customized medical billing solutions that fit your requirements with millimeter accuracy...

Medical Coding

MedHeave’s medical coding experts are certified coders and know everything about this niche..

Prior Authorization

Patient data and privacy are at the heart of our core duties. Our end-to-end encryption software ..

Virtual Medical Assistant

Medheave chronic care management services ensure round the clock care for..

Medical Credentialing

MedHeave ensures healthcare providers get the maximum pool of patients and revenue.

Denial Management

Our claim denial experts are available 24/7 and make robust plans to prevent denials. 

Insurance Eligibility

We provide you the best eligibility verification services you’ve dreamed of. With years of

Healthcare Data Analytic

MedHeave ensures healthcare providers get the maximum pool of patients and revenue by fast-

Medheave- Premium Medical Billing Company

Our medical billing company is based in Boston, Massachusetts. We are offering end to end medical billing and coding services to healthcare establishments all over the USA. Our experience expands over more than a decade of perfection and unparalleled results. 
We provide customized solutions to each medical specialty addressing critical issues causing low collections. Our complete revenue cycle management services help increase revenue by many folds. We are an ISO certified and HIPAA-compliant company helping your practice meeting regulatory compliance. Providers can leverage our expertise and professional insights for optimal results in patient care.

Benefits of Our Medical Billing Services
For Healthcare Providers

The benefits we offer to physicians are unparalleled in the industry. These unique and custom fit solutions for every practice erase financial troubles in a snap.

Skilled and Talented Team

We offer you a billing team that is highly qualified and understands your practice’s needs. Their empathic way of thinking helps to maximize a healthcare facility’s optimal potential. They help you grow revenue and patients by giving the best medical care and getting paid for it.

Less Mistakes than In-house Staff

The best thing a physician needs is mistake-free billing. We know in-house staff are overburdened, so they are prone to making costly mistakes. On the other hand, the dedicated staff of Medheave has achieved excellence in error-free claims. We help you reduce such roadblocks to fair earnings.

Lower Administrative Expenses

Every month, providers spend a significant amount of their earnings on in-house administrative staff’s remuneration. Outsourcing the billing tasks to a certified team decreases these costs by as much as up to 60%. This valuable saving helps providers maintain the financial stability of their clinic, hospital, etc.

Appropriate Denial Management

Claim denials are bad debt if not given attention. Our designated billing managers track each case with top priority. Every case is investigated under the microscope, and appropriate measures are applied for future proofing. We help you recover claim denials in less time than others.

Reasons Why to Choose Us

We are your best option to avoid mistakes in patient billing and increasing revenue. Medheave medical billing services comprise industry’s experts and best practices. By hiring us, you enter in the world of endless possibilities.

Availability Throughout The USA

Medheave is a household name in medical billing services across all the 50 states of the USA. With a certified and skilled team, we help providers in optimizing their revenue to the maximum level. Our services are available in the following states and cities:

Rhode Island
New Homsphire
New York
New Jersey

Emergency Room Billing Services

ER Billing Services is an integral part of Healthcare’s RCM. Manage your emergency room billing and coding to streamline critical care and mistake-free ER claims.

Medical Specialties

What specialties does MedHeave provide medical billing and coding services for?
MedHeave is a top-rated medical billing company that deals with all types of medical disciplines. Our patient billing services cover the entire revenue cycle management of small and large hospitals and clinics. Our skilled staff excelled in the following specialties:

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