Nephrology Medical Billing
Services by Medheave

Medheave is a HIPAA-certified global name of trust when it comes to patient billing. We are a team of nephrology medical billing and coding experts. We help providers generate revenue by providing accurate bills for kidney disease patients. When you hire us, you will enjoy flawless nephrology codes that will guarantee accurate claims.

Whether you are a solo practitioner or running a dialysis center, our team will be a perfect match. We will help you with our expertise to grow the nephrology practice. We have trained and seasoned nephrology medical coders and billers. That’s why getting top-notch, error-free bills is our specialty.

Practices related to nephrology and dialysis perform delicate and life-saving procedures. That’s why healthcare providers require experts and not occasional performers. We fit your needs perfectly and provide you with exceptional billing management services.

With our assistance, your claim submission will be on the industry’s level. Cash flow will increase rapidly, and lost revenue will be a thing of the past. We have helped numerous nephrology-specific practices and built their business’s reputation.

Grow your nephrology practice by two folds. Hire Medheave’s talented billing team!

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Common Problems in Nephrology
Medical Billing and Coding

Nephrologists treat patients suffering from chronic kidney disease, which requires immediate medical attention. This makes it a critical life-saving part of clinical practices. Nephrology claims are difficult, and not all billers and coders have command over them. This is why a majority of these are rejected due to incorrect codes and diagnosis details.

A nephrology practice faces many key problems that hinder their revenue cycle management.

Nephrology Billing Services We

We provide highly recommended top-end patient billing services for nephrologists. These services cater to all the requirements of healthcare providers.


Billing for Nephrology Consultation
and Dialysis Centers

Medheave offers timely billing and coding services for multi-faceted healthcare facilities. Our team is well-versed in creating patient billing for consultations and dialysis.

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Nephrologist Enrollment Services

Enrollment with prominent insurance companies is a lifeline for providers. Our nephrology credentialing services ensure you grab the best contract quickly.

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24/7 Denial Management

Every medical practice requires extensive and full coverage of denial management. We at Medheave provide round-the-clock operations by re-submitting claims within 24 hours.

Insurance Eligibility Verification Services icon

Nephrology Insurance Eligibility Verification Services

We provide eligibility verification services for in-patient and out-patient nephrology practices. Our account managers provide you with complete information about the patient’s insurance plan.

Aging A/R

Medheave Nephrology medical billing service ensures proper follow-up of aging A/R. We have a sophisticated platform that resolves old dues. Our expertise is phenomenal in resolving it.

Why Choose Us for Nephrology Billing?

Medheave provides accurate nephrology billing services to healthcare providers. We have won numerous awards for serving the best in the industry. Our billing experts take good care of your revenue cycle management. We offer you expertise that we have gathered with exceptional services in this industry.

Certified Coding and Billing Team

At Medheave, you’ll find the industry’s top experts in medical coding and billing. That’s why what we do is based on standards and quality. Our team is AAPC-certified and follows the latest ICD-10 and CPT guidelines.

Dedicated Billing Expert for Each Practice

Medheave assigns a dedicated biller for nephrology practice. Each provider receives an expert that takes care of their patient’s billings. We make sure you get the best when you hire us.

Dual Usage in Nephrology Practices

Our billing team is highly motivated and expert. You can use our patient billing team for consultation billing as well as for the dialysis center. We know everything about practices related to nephrology and its requirements.

Complete Coverage of Renal Disease Practices

At Medheave Medical Billing Company, based in Massachusetts, we offer full coverage of billing for various disciplines of nephrology.

  • Pediatric Nephrology Billing and Coding
  • Geriatrics Nephrology Billing and Coding
  • Onco-Nephrology Billing and Coding
  • Nephro-Pathology Billing and Coding
  • Dialysis Center Billing and Coding
  • Radio Nephrology Billing and Coding

Frequently Asked Questions

Medheave is the best medical billing and coding company in the US. We have trained and certified staff that provide exceptional services for providers.

Medheave is the best medical billing and coding company in the US. We have trained and certified staff that provide exceptional services for providers.

Medheave is the best medical billing and coding company in the US. We have trained and certified staff that provide exceptional services for providers.