Key Features of MedHeave Medical Billing

MedHeave offers you bespoke patient billing and coding solutions that will make your workload easier. Get rid of manual claim filing and rejections. Our medical billing experts make sure you file clean insurance claims and get the amount for services rendered back in a few days. We make your submissions spotless. Custom-fit billing services at MedHeave increase your patients trust and practice results. Eliminate the front-end charging errors and smooth the entire revenue cycle management process. Get paid quickly without going through lengthy re-submission and denial investigations. We offer you the services you need to succeed.

Error-Free Charge Entry-icon

Error-Free Charge Entry

We offer mistake-free charge entry for every patient, ensuring each service you provide is added to the bill. We follow a well-structured process that helps in promoting claim acceptance on the first attempt.

Real-Time Insurance Verification-icon

Real-Time Insurance Verification

With our smart and speedy insurance verification process, your denial and rejection chances are minimized by many folds. At Medheave, your patient’s eligibility is just a click away before you start the treatment process.

Claim Submission and Scrubbing-icon

Claim Submission and Scrubbing

MedHeave Medical Billing Solutions ensures each claim is submitted without a single error. We employ strict quality assurance and scrubbing techniques. In the event of a denial or rejection, re-submission is completed on the same day.

Payment Posting-icon

Payment Posting

Our super fast payment posting updates keep your medical practice up and running. ERA and EOB-verified medical claims are generated accordingly and sent to patients. We keep you aware of everything related to revenue cycle management.

Patient Statements-icon

Patient Statements

Medical billers at MedHeave ensure quick claim reimbursement. Our automated system generates patient statements and detects even a slight deviation in pending payments. Our medical billing and coding team quickly recovers the dues on rendered services.

Follow-Up & Appeals-icon

Follow-Up & Appeals

MedHeave’s highly skilled team keeps an eye on aging A’R and regularly gives a strong follow-up on them. In the event of a denial, our team of experts goes full throttle for the recovery of pending payments.

World’s best Medical Billing Services At Your Doorstep

Are you looking to automate your medical billing services? You must’ve grown tired of pending accounts receivable from insurance companies! Don’t worry. We’ve been the solution you’ve been looking for the entire time. With the help of MedHeave, a pioneer in the medical billing industry, you’ll get your revenue cycle management completely sorted.

Inaccurate medical billing and coding are the biggest Achilles heel of healthcare practices. Whether you run your own personal clinic or work in one, you’ll always face the dilemma of declining revenue. A robust billing solution is your only guarantee of a smooth and uninterrupted medical practice.

We at Medheave offer you a quick remedy to cover all your losses. Our claim scrubbing specialists are trained to submit clean insurance or service payment requests. Error-free submissions are approved within days, making you and your patients happy.

Medical Billing Services At Your Doorstep

Grow Your Revenue By Two Folds
With MedHeave Medical Billing Solutions

Get rid of your pending A/R amounts! Hire a professional and cost-effective solution for your practice’s revenue cycle management. MedHeave offers you medical billing software that fast-tracks your claim process. Hence, your claims are submitted quickly and mistake-free, and you get a quick turnaround in your revenue.

Business growth is essential for survival. Medical and healthcare practices can’t afford to run low on revenue because it will deprive their patients of valuable and necessary services. We help medical providers take the best initiative in automating their billing and coding departments. Outsourcing your work to a reputed and professional billing process solution provider negates any shortcomings. Practice growth and stability become inevitable when you hire our certified billers.

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We know the pain of having a long list of claims that are pending, rejected, or went directly to denial. Medical practices fast pace of patient care and immediate solution-finding for critical cases put them in danger of revenue leakage. A trusted partner like MedHeave billing services ensures you’ll never face such calamity.

With years of experience under our belt, we’ve helped many struggling providers and healthcare establishments. As the genius behind the back-end work force of MedHeave billing solutions, we have many success stories in this industry.

Do you want to have efficient and top-notch communication with insurance payers and consistent revenue cycle management? You’ve come to the right place to sort out the loose ends of your practice. Our coding specialists are the top guns of the billing industry. We put so much detail into each insurance claim that our clean submission rate is above 98%.

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