Emergency Room Billing Services– Mistake Free RCM

Do you know 90% of discharges not fully billed (DNFB) come from the ER? Avoid critical billing mistakes! Get professional emergency room billing services to master the revenue cycle management of your healthcare facility.

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Emergency Room Medical Billing Services

MedHeave offers Accurate emergency room medical billing services all over the USA to streamline your revenue cycle management. We are chosen by the large healthcare system to serve with:

Hospital emergency room
Freestanding emergency rooms

We understand the importance of accurate billing for widely popular freestanding emergency rooms that doesn’t end in discharges not fully billed. Our expert ER billing specialist at MedHeave ensures you receive an appropriate amount from the services rendered to the patient. Lost revenue is your practice’s killer. Hire billing professionals to ensure your practice stays running and receives compensation from payers.

Outsource Medical Coding Services
Outsource Medical Coding Services

Emergency Billing Services

We at MedHeave Billing Company have a team of specialized ER billers who understand the intricacies of a painless or streamlined billing process. Our billing and coding experts have years of experience keeping physicians and healthcare facilities satisfied. Our emergency room billing experts are ready to solve your issues and make your RCM three times more productive.

Our Service comprise of:

Patient Eligibility & Benefits Verification
Coding and Chart Auditing
Charge Entry
Claims Submission
Insurance Negotiations
Aggressive Follow up
Accounts Receivable Recovery
Underpaid Appeals
AR Analysis
Patient Billing
THCIC System 13 State Data reporting

MedHeave Provides expertise in out-of-network and in-network ER billing solutions. Our exceptional work places us above all others in this field. We understand the complexities and challenges your in-house staff faces while doing the billing. Immense pressure and inadequately providing emergency help to patients at a fast pace create billing and coding errors.

Emegerncy Room Revenue Cycle management

We help you minimize this conflict by offering complete outsourcing of ER coding and billing. Hence, our Emergency room billing experts increase your compliance with the strict healthcare regulations. By acquiring our services, you will get all-rounder coverage for your revenue cycle management, such as:

Reducing claim denials to less than 5% on consistent basis.
Adding improvements to reimbursements.
Eliminate manual entry of claims to reduce denials and improve revenue.
Evaluation of coding and billing protocols, implementation of new improvement plan.
Contract negotiations in and out of network.
Dedicated account manager to oversee payment posting and refund issues.
Top notch ER billing and coding services with guaranteed zero-mistake
Continous evaluation using analytics tools.
We cross examine claim reimbursement and aging A/R to maintain cash flow.
Outsource Medical Coding Services
Outsource Medical Coding Services

Key Features of MedHeave Emergency Room Billing And Coding Service

MedHeave emergency room billing and coding service offers 24/7 coverage of your revenue cycle management. Our phenomenal features include an evaluation of your reimbursement and a denial analysis. We help you cover the loss and highlight the areas for improvement in your ER billing system.

Apart from emergency physician billing, we help make your healthcare team aware of standards and protocols to follow. We help emergency physicians understand billing protocols that should be adhered to. With our help, your emergency room revenue can grow threefold. Here are the features that will make your entire healthcare and emergency medical billing services error-free:

Minimizing denials to lowest levels
Certified ER billing and coding team from American Association of Professional Coders.
Professional billers and coders familiar with all the challenges and requirements of emergency physician billing services.
Quick diagnosis and resolution of dischages not fully billed (DNFB) and minimizing claim denials.
Automation of billing and coding to minimize human error.
Immediate turn around of losses by two folds and steady increase in revenue by significant margin.

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MedHeave Emergency Room Billing Services is a professional medical solution provider based in Massachusetts. We offer assistance in solving issues related to your healthcare billing, provider credentialing, and enrollment to minimize claim denials by insurance payers. Our skilled team ensures error-free claim submission to fast-track revenue generation and cash flow. Let us solve your revenue cycle management issues and streamline mistake-free billing submissions. Call today at (888) 487-1178 for consultation with our experts.