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Mental health providers deal with hundreds of patients and require top-notch billing services. Psychiatric and mental wellbeing facilities need prompt solutions due to the intricate nature of their practices. On-site staff is burdened with patient support work and filing claims on behalf of providers. This is why one of the main reasons for the denial of claims is inaccurate details or performing services not sanctioned by the insurance company.

Outsourcing Mental Health medical billing and coding work to a reputable organization that excels in this industry is the best choice. A third party offers solutions, such as insurance eligibility verification, claim scrubbing, etc. With the help of professional medical billers and coders, providers get fewer claim rejections and denials. A provider’s practice grows sharply with error-free claim submissions and an increase in reimbursements.

Hiring an esteemed team of mental health billing company removes the burden from your office staff. They allow you to focus on providing the best mental health treatment to your patients, who deserve your best consultation.

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Mental health billing is a pedigree, and mastering it takes expertise. Medheave offers its exceptional team to help sort out the issues faced by providers. Our cutting-edge solution to tackle common and complex issues surrounding revenue cycle management is customized for every provider. We know how intricate the entire process of streamlining patient insurance verification, providing services, and generating revenue is. Medheave offers the following features that you can’t find anywhere else:

Mistake-Free Collection of Information

Information collection is the first step in providing behavioral health billing services. Medheave’s billing experts know how critical this stage plays in medical practice. We make sure, right from the start, that every detail is entered in the system. One of the biggest contributors to rejections is incorrect information and typos that harm your chances of successful submissions. We remove these mistakes from your office staff and double-check every demographic detail that goes into the system. With accurate detail and no mistakes of name or additional information, claims are submitted and expedited quickly.

Eligibility Verification Services

Insurance eligibility verification is a vital part of medical billing services for mental health practitioners. Our experts take all the information from the patient and confirm with the payer what is covered under the plan. With prompt verification, only the services or procedures covered under the insurance plan are performed. By doing this, our expert billing and coding professionals reduce the chances of claim denials and the surprise burden on patients.

Patient Billing Statements

Our experts send all the statements to patients for the collection of bills and dues. Any dues related to services are mailed efficiently to the designated patient. We issue billing statements on behalf of the provider and ensure timely payments.

Follow-up and Appeals

We at Medheave provide 24/7 follow-up on claims, their submissions, acceptances, denials, and rejections. In cases where a denial is issued, our team conducts a grass-roots investigation to find the cause(s) and immediately rectify them and file appeals. With a strong follow-up on claim reimbursements, quick release of payments is expected within days.

24/7 Patient Help Desk

The mental health and psychiatric departments require round-the-clock help from a healthcare facility. For a provider, making their office staff available 24/7 is very expensive and unfeasible. We offer a team of exceptional patient help assistants that guide your patients 365 days a year. This service reduces the need for a large number of phone operators and the financial burden on physicians. Now your patients can get an all-weather, round-the-clock help desk that assists them with appointments, cancellations, and scheduling procedures.

Fast Claims Processing

We offer a robust method of claim processing through our mental health medical billing and coding services. We create claims after taking information from the provider and the details of the procedure performed. We create superbills and final claims that need to be submitted to payers. During this process, we keep constant contact with the medical staff and patient to avoid any discrepancies. This is why the claims we submit are free of mistakes and human errors. Our exceptional qualities in making meticulous claims allow medical practices to receive reimbursements quickly.

Hire The Industry’s Best Mental Health Billing Services

Medheave’s top-notch mental health billing services are the industry’s blockbuster solution provider. Our team is professional and understands the entire revenue cycle management process and its goals. With exceptional insights, providers can make strategic decisions about their practices and ensure a minimum number of denials.

We guarantee the success of your practice, its growth, and the gradual increase in the number of patients and reimbursements. Hire our team and reduce the administrative work load and errors in claim submissions. With our help, healthcare providers can reduce their financial burden and surplus staff and gain monetary freedom from all perspectives.

Hire The Industry’s Best Mental Health Billing Services

Why Choose Us?

Medheave offers medical practitioners countless benefits that allow them to delegate their administrative duties. Now providers can choose a trusted mental health billing service that has helped hundreds of practices across the US. The cutting-edge features that make us unique make the provider’s practice hassle-free. We offer:

Multiple Years of Expertise

We have multiple years of expertise that helps you streamline the practice and patient care with optimum efficiency. Our experience allows us to help you understand the specific needs of your patients and how to consolidate your efforts. We bring our A game to maximize the output of your revenue cycle management. With our help, you can remove the hurdles that are stopping your practice’s success.

Guaranteed On-time Reimbursements

Claim reimbursements are a thorn in the flesh for the survival of medical providers. Medheave’s billing services for mental health providers ensure only professionals submit your claims. Our scrubbing technique uses the latest computational help that removes the errors from the claims. The end result is the quick processing and release of due payments from the insurance company.

Significant Reduction in Denials

Our team makes sure the list of denials of claims remains the lowest. We keep a solid and frequent follow-up on the aging account receivable. An eagle-eye review ensures you face zero revenue loss from reimbursements. We strengthen your collections from patients and insurance companies. This step provides you with a continuous and unhindered stream of revenue, further bolstering the growth of a medical practice.

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and Coding Services

Mental health billing services allow medical providers, such as psychiatrists and psychologists, to allow reputable companies to file claims on their behalf. This way, healthcare facilities delegate their billing responsibilities to professionals to eliminate mistakes made by their office staff.

Mental health billing services allow medical providers, such as psychiatrists and psychologists, to allow reputable companies to file claims on their behalf. This way, healthcare facilities delegate their billing responsibilities to professionals to eliminate mistakes made by their office staff.