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 Medheave offers professional and reputable virtual medical assistant services to all providers across the US. Accelerate patient satisfaction with our help.

Virtual Medical Assistant

Avail the help of professionals and keep providing medical care to your patients with 24/7 Medheave’s virtual medical assistant services. We ensure medical practices keep providing the best care to their patients seamlessly.

Virtual Medical Assistant Services Offered by Medheave

Medheave is a platform where multi-disciplinary VMA solutions can be acquired by providers according to their specialties, such as:

Virtual Medical Scribe

Medheave’s virtual medical scribe assists physicians in collecting patients' disease information, demographics, and other information related to their medical records.

Veterinary Virtual Assistants

Our experts provide exceptional help to vet doctors and assist in emergencies, scheduling appointments, etc.

Medical Billing Virtual Assistants

Medheave offers you medical billing via virtual assistants and helps you submit claim reimbursements. Our expert medical billers and coders make clean claim submissions on your behalf.

Dental Virtual Assistants

A virtual receptionist for dental practices provides ease to providers by appropriately scheduling procedures and routine visits.

Benefits of Virtual Medical Assistants from Medheave

Medheave’s virtual medical assistant service is the savior of providers and allows them to offer a variety of services. The tasks our virtual medical representative can do for you are the following:

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Insurance Verification and Authorization

Our remote assistant ensures to check on the patient's insurance eligibility and verification. We provide prior authorization services to make sure a provider gets paid on claims submitted to an insurance payer.

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Patient Data Entry and Database Management

Medheave’s VMA helps you maintain the EHR and databases of patients and allows you to focus on providing optimum care. Our agents free up your administrative staff from additional work, the need for extra space, and office hours.

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Prescription Refills

Our virtual assistants help your patients send their refill requests and speed up the process. We further assist (completely or partially) your team in appropriately documenting these details in the system.

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Schedule Management

With our help, all the schedules of the patients are updated according to clinic hours. We make your appointments tidy and tangle-free. Our VMA takes care of sudden changes in patient schedules. In cases of conflicting or overlapping events, make a plan to mitigate the negative outcomes or late arrivals.

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Patient follow-ups

A virtual medical receptionist ensures your patients are properly advised for follow-up visits and refills. Our assistance helps in providing appropriate reminders to them and making schedules for their next visits.

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Managing Phone Calls and Emails

Our virtual assistants take all the incoming calls from patients to your medical practice and free up your local staff. The expertise of our professional staff is exceptional, and they help answer patient queries via emails and calls related to appointments and treatments.

What is Virtual Medical Assistant and Why Medical Practices Need Them?

Virtual assistance for medical services is a need for time that allows providers and physicians to supplement their patient care activities. Patients may require help or assistance at any time of the day due to unforeseen events such as unavailability on the day of the appointment, etc. 
A virtual assistant helps the patients by remotely taking their calls, ensuring appointments are added to the system. In cases of unavailability, the assistant cancels or changes the dates accordingly.
A 24/7 active patient help desk allows providers to streamline patient enrollment and insurance verification prior to providing services. Additionally, using this service enables healthcare practices to disseminate information related to medicines and extra guidance to patients. The benefits a healthcare practitioner will help get are:

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