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Welcome to Medheave Healthcare Services!

Medical Billing is not only a science; it is also an art. It does not consist of compounding bills; it deals with the very processes of revenue cycle management, which must be understood before they may be guided for increased efficiency.

Medheave Healthcare Services LLC is advanced healthcare, information technology-based company that provides solutions that offer physicians practices comprehensive practice management services & revenue cycle management solutions. We also provide transcription and data management solutions.

We provide high-quality service to physicians by maximizing their revenue collection and reducing their workload thereby allowing them to provide the best quality care to their patients.

At Medheave our aim is to Provide Practice Management Solutions to Maximize Revenues and Productivity

Medical Billing is getting more complex nowadays as the healthcare industry is changing with every new day. While healthcare keeps changing, billing demands adhering to new compliance guidelines like HIPAA 5010, ICD 10, EHR ‘meaningful use’ guidelines, etc. Physicians need to keep themselves updated with the latest in the field of billing which sometimes becomes very difficult for them, the best way out is to leave medical billing to the people who are experts in this field and only focus on what physicians do best.

The art of medicine billing is all about being so good that billers are invisible in the whole process

At Medheave we provide exceptional Medical Billing Services, timely and accurate claims submission and effective claims follow up, which differentiates us from the rest of the billing companies. Our broad expertise in reimbursement management provides physicians with more revenue, time for patient care, and professional growth.
At Medheave we work with Healthcare Providers to achieve notable results in their earnings, and try to make sure that their billings cycle gets smoother more than ever. For this reason, it is very important to ensure that Insurance claims get billed out to insurance companies correctly in the first attempt which in turn provides maximum reimbursement for the billed services. We are 100 % HIPAA compliant.

Moreover, we automate physician business to derive efficiency:

  • By Providing Top-Notch Billing Services
  • By Providing Physicians with Significant Data
  • By Providing Distinct Services to Clients
  • By Maintaining High-Level Industry Standards
First Submission Pass Rate
98 %

Increased Collections

30 %

Years of Medical Billing Experience

10 +

Expense Reduction

25 %

Our Team

Haroon Chaudhary

Co-founder and CEO

Haroon Chaudhary

Co-founder and CEO

Haroon Chaudhary

Co-founder and CEO