Insurance Eligibility Verification Services

Do you know 90% of discharges not fully billed (DNFB) come from the ER? Avoid critical billing mistakes! Get professional emergency room billing services to master the revenue cycle management of your healthcare facility.

Top-Notch Insurance Eligibility Verification Services At Your Doorstep

Insurance eligibility verification is a building block to a successful RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) process in the healthcare industry. An error may cost you a big financial setback if appropriate measures are not taken. A healthcare practice cannot afford such losses in cash flow. Right steps are necessary to improve provider’s revenue and minimizing denials or rejection of insurance claims.
Start your journey towards greatness by choosing our robust system of verifying patient’s eligibility checks. Transition to the world of possibilities!

Things Which Make Our Eligibility Verification Services Unique

Our verification process is lightning fast and our turnaround time for each insurance eligibility check is better than your typical office staff. Our team of experts know everything about insurance companies and their coverage details. We ensure your practice remains secure from denials and costly write-offs that put you in financial loss. Save yourself from lengthy claim rejection, denials and resubmission headaches. Get patient insurance coverage in a snap and increase cash flow.

Why You Need Insurance Eligibility Verification Services

Insurance eligibility verification services are the best solution for managing your RCM. We know it’s hard to keep up with everything, especially verifying patient eligibility. This is where you either make or break in terms of revenue reimbursement. A small miscalculation results in bad debts, ultimately putting your business at the risk of having severe financial loss.
A need for experienced and reputable service that’ll do all sorts of patient’s verification and eligibility checks is increasing day by day. Hire us and minimize the damage to your revenue stream. MedHeave is a medical billing company based in Massachusetts and has proven itself as a benchmark of excellence year after year. We’ll ensure your practice flourish and the continuous cycle of revenue generation stays active.

Insurance Eligibility Verification Services We Specialize In

The expertise of our medical billing services are the following:

Document Checking

The first process we start working on is gathering information about a patient’s demographic. It includes name, date of birth, address, and insurance provider information. We ensure a systematic approach is followed throughout the process. Our document verification system quickly processes each case in advance to avoid any miscalculations at the end of the day. Leaving you and your patients happy and satisfied by the services rendered.

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Verifying Patient's Insurance Coverage

Patient’s insurance coverage is the most important thing when it comes to reducing denials. Many practices suffer because of expired insurances or their plan doesn’t include the service they require. In case services are provided, it results in denials and your practice is the one taking blame for it. Our experts make sure coverage details are accurate and your patients have active insurance, leaving you less vulnerable to front-end staff errors.

Patient Follow-Up

With a robust eligibility and benefits verification system in place, we keep the patient flow rising. Your RCM grows with rapid results of coverage details and every patient is given the services they are eligible for. We minimize the errors that are too costly for your practice and its survival. With our help you focus only on serving patients with the best medical care. Your Practice’s revenue generation and eligibility checks is our responsibility and we do it perfectly.

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Insurance Denial Appeal

Filing denial appeals is a task that’s a headache for medical practitioners. At MedHeave we let you off the hook by filing the denial appeal in case of such instances. Our billing experts will ensure you don’t have to go through the lengthy paperwork and financial headaches. We will take care of this delicate work by having a strong and round the clock follow-up.

Final Submission

We are a team of expert billers and coders that minimizes the clerical work errors by your staff. We don’t just submit your reimbursement claims, we ensure it’s free of critical errors. Our team make the final submission without a single mistake leaving you and your practice satisfied with the results

Identifying Healthcare Business Process Improvements

At MeadHeave we take the responsibility of finding key areas of improvement. Our team takes it as their job to find the revenue leakages and keep consistent progress. Your practice grows sharply and RCM (revenue cycle management) improves with superior results.