Medheave’s Professional Billing Services for Urology Practice

We are the oldest and most trusted name in urology billing services. We have a team of highly skilled and trained urology billing and coding professionals. Not every biller and coder knows the urology codes like we do.

Urology is a specialty that deals with transplant- and kidney-related issues. They require prompt solutions to control and reduce denials. Our coding and billing services provide you with limitless opportunities. We help you improve your urology practices. Gain revenue by providing the best healthcare to your patients.

Your time to take action is now! We assure you that we will change your healthcare facility’s entire urology billing experience.

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What We Offer to Urology Practices?

Urology is a diversified field that covers diagnosis, treatment, and surgery as well. Our dedicated team for medical billing in the urology practice works tirelessly. We offer exceptional services at affordable prices for urologists. We take care of the entire healthcare facility’s medical billing services.

Compliance with Latest Guidelines

New guidelines put emphasis on high standards of patient care. The provider’s office staff mostly do the medical billing and coding work. Administrative burden gives room for mistakes and, consequently, low patient satisfaction. With Medheave’s expert help, you can provide top-tier patient care while we care for their billing and coding.
We help you meet the duty of care and the highest quality of healthcare standards. On-site administration staff’s lack of training prevents your practice from growing. By entrusting us, you get to have the best-in-class insurance billing specialists working for you.

For urology practices, insurance claim denials are paramount. We offer you exceptional work that helps you achieve this goal. Our billers for urology practices and surgery reduce the denial ratio by twofold. With the minimum number of rejections and denials of claims, we make way for your practice’s overall growth.
We keep your pending claims to a minimum. This way, we help you maintain the best financial health of your urology practice. Now, providing the best patient care is easy and quick. We help urology and nephrology practices optimize their healthcare facility’s standards.

24/7 Patient Help Desk

Our services for medical billing for urology departments don’t end here. We offer round-the-clock patient customer service. Even when the doctor is not available, your patient can get in touch to discuss their queries related to urological issues. Our dedicated help is available 24/7 and does many things that facilitate your practice:

  • Appointment with the provider
  • Rescheduling of the appointment (cancellation or new date)
  • Help related to medication refills (assistance or filing)
  • Guidance on medications and their schedule
  • Disease-related information

Our patient help allows you to provide appropriate care to your patients, even when you’re not available.

Comprehensive Business Analysis

We offer you a complete and in-depth analysis of your healthcare facility’s business. Our experts analyze the patterns and evaluate weak areas where improvements are required. This business performance analysis helps and allows urologist surgeons to make good strategic decisions.
We have expertise and know about the common and uncommon issues urologists face every day. Healthcare business analysis allows you to meet the strict insurance billing standards and their requirements. A urology practice only grows when all areas are performing at their best. We help you reach your maximum potential and generate constant revenue.

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Why Do Urologists Require Professional Medical Billing Companies?

Urologists are the busiest surgeons in a medical facility. They spend their entire day in the operation theater. At the end of the day, not getting paid is not what they bargain for. An untrained medical coder and billing person can leave revenue uncollected.

That’s the main reason you need a medical billing specialist by your side. Our billing managers are experts in urology billing and coding. We understand the complexities of urological practices and their requirements. With the help of a reputable team, growing patients becomes easy.

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