Medical Billing Services in Connecticut

Hire medical billers in Connecticut to increase your revenue. We provide error free coding and billing services for all specialties.

Medheave Medical Billing Services

We are a medical billing company based in the ever-green state of Connecticut. We offer coding services and patient claim processing to medical practices. We are ranked among the best in the USA and use our expertise to help providers with revenue cycle management.
Our company understands the value of sturdy denial management for healthcare establishments. Billing specialists at our company use accurate coding that helps generate claims free of mistakes. 
Additionally, outsourcing your medical billing to us helps hospitals and clinics increase their earnings with ease. We are an award-winning, trusted, and authentic platform where providers can get all the solutions related to their revenue cycle management.

Our Main Billing Services in Connecticut

For a streamlined medical billing process, we offer following services for perfect practice management.

Medical Coding Services

Coding services offered by our organization serve the best interests of healthcare practitioners. Meticulous medical coding ensures correct diagnosis and procedure details on superbill. Thus, we help a provider’s health record be filled with optimal transparency and accuracy.

Patient Billing Services

Trained and skilled medical billers are a sign of relief. We excel at providing our best for insurance claim billing and submissions. Faultless claims ensure providers get paid for appropriate patient care provided at their clinic or hospital.

Physician Credentialing Services

Connecticut medical practitioners can leverage our robust denial management services for better handling of claims. We pay great attention to any claim that’s marked as a denial of reimbursement. Our team resolves all cases and ensures your practice receives reimbursements quickly.

Physician Credentialing Services

Credentialing is an important part of revenue cycle management. We take all necessary steps to ensure the completion of the physician's credentialing process. We assist providers in updating their academic documentation and state and federal practice licenses.

Provider Enrollment Services

Clinicians require in-network and out-of-network enrollment with different payors. In-network enrollment plans help grow the pool of patients. On the other hand, out-of-network negotiations help meet the revenue goals of a healthcare facility.

24/7 Patient Help Desk

Practitioners require a 24/7 virtual assistant that helps facilitate the care of their patients. With more than a decade of experience, we help you utilize our expertise in this matter. Our online receptionist helps with physician’s appointments, rescheduling, and cancellations.

Remote Patient Monitoring Services

We offer RPM services in Connecticut for medical professionals. Physicians or their nursing staff can monitor a patient’s vital signs from their facility or at home. Many critical diseases, such as diabetes, arrhythmia, and congestive heart failure can be monitored virtually.

Aging Accounts Receivable Services

Our medical billers are experts in the recovery of aging A/R claims. The billing specialists of our company keep consistent followup on these cases. We ensure proper email and communication are established between patients and insurance companies.

Prior Authorization Services

We regularly perform preauthorization of services so medical practitioners can perform life-saving procedures without worrying about not getting paid. Our steps to obtain prior authorization help physicians provide necessary services that elevate the quality of life of their patients.

Why Outsource Billing Operation to Us?

We are an award winning medical billing service provider in Connecticut. We have helped hundreds of practices in more than a decade of successful operations. When you consider outsourcing to a reliable, reputed, and professional billing company, this research will lead you to us because:

Benefits of Hiring Us

We are the best Massachusetts medical billing company in the USA. We provide reliable results in patient billing and coding services. The reasons for hiring us are:

Connecticut’s Trusted Platform For All Providers

Get bespoke solutions to rectify billing and coding issues quickly with the help of our platform. Our services enable physicians to earn more and face fewer claim denials.

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