Prior Authorization

Reliable Pre-Authorization Services

Preauthorization services require expertise and skills beyond normal and are the most sought-after solution. To reduce denials, it’s one step that provides exceptional benefits in the short and long terms. By using pre-authorization services, you can make a big change in your revenue cycle management and ensure maximum submissions.
Outsourcing this function of your healthcare facility ends administrative burden and promotes error-free work. It’s important to understand that pre-authorization is necessary for many inpatient and outpatient services; failure to do so results in rejection. Even if the patient has full insurance coverage, a small error can make it difficult to get reimbursements on time. Without pre-certifications, a provider may lose money on the services provided to the patient.

Why Outsource Prior Authorizations Services?

Outsourcing Medical Procedure Authorization one of the key components of your revenue cycle management offers a new range of benefits for your practice. Clerical and administrative staff are overburdened with paperwork and bookkeeping, which puts them at high risk of making errors. A single miscalculation in submission can become big and cost you a significant amount of time and revenue. Prevent your practice and healthcare facility from lengthy medical record reviews and constant probing.
To keep up with today’s rising challenges and demanding regulations, outsourcing is the solution medical practices are looking for. You can get innovative and out-of-the box solutions such as:

Advantages of Outsourcing Your Pre-Authorization to Medheave

Outsourcing billing services is your way to end the long list of denials, aging A/R, and resubmission requests. Finding the best company that solves prompt pre-authorization requests for your patients is just one click away. The expert team at Medheave knows every expensive treatment requires approval from a health plan before the services are rendered. That’s why we keep our focus on this critical aspect of your medical practice. Our team ensures prompt authorization approval and lets you work on providing the best possible patient care.
With such offers, Medheave is the one that qualifies to run your practice’s authorization process smoothly. We have multiple years of experience dealing with insurance companies and an understanding of American medical regulations

Features of Our Prior Authorization Process

Medheave medical billing services help you achieve your revenue cycle management goals by offering:

Medheave medical billing services are the right solution for your prior-authorization process. Our submission experts ensure every work is completed on time and patients are satisfied with your procedures. By choosing us, you’re entrusting the industry’s leading medical billing and coding provider. Our specialists understand the intricacies and urgency of prerequisite authorization approval for your patients. We are available 24/7 to help you reduce the burden on your administrative staff and minimize denials that will hurt your chances of increasing cash flow.