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MedHeave offers you bespoke patient billing and coding solutions that will make your workload easier. Get rid of manual claim filing and rejections. Our medical billing experts make sure you file clean insurance claims and get the amount for services rendered back in a few days. We make your submissions spotless. Custom-fit billing services at MedHeave increase your patients trust and practice results. Eliminate the front-end charging errors and smooth the entire revenue cycle management process. Get paid quickly without going through lengthy re-submission and denial investigations. We offer you the services you need to succeed.

Claim Denial Experts!
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Our claim denial experts are available 24/7 and make robust plans to prevent denials. We have years of experience taking our prestigious clients out of denials and rejecting claims. A smooth and transparent process ensures a dedicated team is assigned to each of your cases. A strong follow-up team ensures appeals are submitted and adjudicated by the payer.

Our highly expert denial management team provides you with the number of benefits:

  1. Address all the possibilities for claim issues and ensuring a clean claim submission
  2. A panel of experts investigates each claim, and root cause analysis is started to prevent future occurrences.
  3. A special appeal addressed to the denial claim resubmission justification is submitted after careful evaluation.
  4. A dedicated team member takes care of every appeal submitted and provides an update to the payer on a frequent basis.

Importance of Denial Management in

Denial of claims is an unavoidable part of medical practice. For physicians and payers, it’s also a headache due to consecutive cross-checks on claim submissions for providers. Hence, robust and thriving denial management that is managed by top experts is essential.

Completely eliminating denials is a dream come true for billing companies. At MedHeave Medical Billing Services, we make them negligible and ineffective. By having denial management specialists on board, we ensure a 10-15% reduction in processing time. Our team also works on follow-ups on aging A/R accounts, so any pending payments are received accordingly.

Giving importance to claim denial is essential for healthcare providers and the growth of your practice. Claim denial experts at MedHeave medical billing company understand your needs and urgent solution to falling income. That’s why our claim denial management services are renowned for making practical and realistic plans for the revival and growth of your practice. It’s our cardinal duty to resolve your aging accounts and pending claims. Without an expert team of denied claim solutions, your practice can’t survive and grow in the long term.

Our Denial Management Process

Denial management services at MedHeave offer a versatile solution to providers in the US. We don’t limit ourselves to just follow-up calls or emails. We ensure you get paid for the services rendered to patients. Our denial experts know all the ins and outs of how to pursue providers and have come up with an ambitious plan to expedite pending payments.

When you outsource your denial management to our exceptionally skilled team, you get a dedicated team of professionals. Our A/R managers ensure each case is handed over to a rep who looks after it 24/7. They keep pushing for a way out to find the root cause of all those particular denials. This way, a thorough investigation is started and the results are evaluated.

Based on the results, we eliminate your submission errors and perfect the paperwork so recurrences are minimized to nil. This continuous process of mistake identification and improvement makes your practice stand against any deviation in cash inflow.

Minimize Denied Claims
& Get Timely Reimbursements

No wonder timely reimbursements remain a dream! At MedHeave denial management services, we minimize denial claims against your practice. Our team makes sure you get timely reimbursements, and each duration is lower than the typical submission time.

Our denial experts are skilled in minimizing the time for receiving reimbursement in a timely manner. Our AR team is an expert in working on denials and appeals. We make this process free of all billing errors and rejections.

A dedicated team of denial prevention managers at Medheave ensures every case is investigated through a root-cause analysis. This way, we prevent future reoccurrences and submit mistake-free claims to each case. We can maximize reimbursement through our team of denial experts.

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Why Is Medheave Best
For Managing Denied Claims?

Is your aging A/R account list increasing? We know you’re looking for a permanent solution for this issue. Let us present you with something out of the box and a long-lasting, improved solution for denial management services. We offer you our globally renowned breakthroughs in denial prevention and management at Medheave denial management services. By hiring us, you’ll have these customized solutions at your disposal.

  • Consistently minimizing claim denials to a very low rate.
  • Evaluation of coding and billing protocols, implementation of new improvement plan.
  • Adding improvements to reimbursements.
  • Dedicated account manager to oversee payment posting and refund issues.
  • Contract negotiations in and out of network.
  • Top notch ER billing and coding services with guaranteed zero-mistake
  • Continous evaluation using analytics tools.
  • We cross examine claim reimbursement and aging A/R to maintain cash flow.
  • We ensure an error free charge entry to reduce denials and optimize revenue.
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Customized Reporting

At MedHeave, we are experts in sending and formulating customized reports to providers with digital analytics reports. Each report depicts the previous to the latest pattern, giving an accurate picture to providers regarding their practice. Each report is created using top-notch data analysis tools, helping your practice find areas for improvement. Our custom reporting method is the industry’s benchmark for finding gaps and making improvement plans. Get on board and leave the manual billing and mistake-filled submissions behind.

Better Collection Rates

The industry’s best denial management services at MedHeave ensure maximum collection rates. Collection rates are the claims you submit for reimbursement versus the amount you receive from payers. Our denied claims specialist ensures each case is routed to a dedicated professional who works tirelessly to get pending payments.

80% is an average rate, whereas at Medheave we strive for 95% or more to increase received amounts on a daily basis. Furthermore, correct usage of codes and timely submissions by our medical billing and coders negate any leniency. The end result is uninterrupted claim reimbursements and minimal denials.


Reliable AR Management Services

The claims denial management team at MedHeave provides robust recovery for aging A/R accounts. We keep an eye on every pending amount and keep a strong follow-up until it’s recovered. We know it’s vital for healthcare facilities and practices to increase and improve quickly on accounts receivable and streamline revenue generation.

MedHeave ensures all A/R accounts are cleared and the least amount of time is spent on their recovery. Finding out the areas for improvement and stagnation is our core duty. Our consolidated efforts make your revenue cycle management fast and error-free.

Why Should You Hire Us?

  • We target patient payments regularly, whether they are deductible co-insurance or co-pays.
  • We work hard with fewer errors and work on aging.
  • We work on primary and secondary insurance on a priority basis.
  • We work on insurance eligibility.
  • We do provide reports every month about your claim submission.
  • We help providers increase their revenue with accounts receivable. Our experts work on denials to attain payment and minimize denial errors.