State-of-the-Art Medical Coding Solutions from Medheave

Medheave medical coding services have demonstrated finesse over the last ten years. We are the industry’s fastest-growing billing company in Massachusetts. We offer state-of-the art coding processes to healthcare providers. This feature sets our services apart from others.
We comprise highly skilled and professional coders that have worked with top healthcare providers in the USA. They assign accurate codes, resulting in a mistake-free diagnosis and consequent billing of the patient. A better health record can be maintained with our help.

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Key Features of Our Medical
Billing Services

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Error-Free Charge

Accurate coding ensures a smooth reimbursement process. The coding team of Medheave medical billing services is composed of Certified Billing and Coding Specialists (CBCS). Having a certified team provides peace of mind to physicians that they will be paid for rendered services.
In more than ten years of experience, our assistance has resulted in a 90% reduction in claim denials. This allows you to collect valuable revenue on the services provided to patients.


Improved Revenue
Cycle Management

Accurate medical coding is the backbone of a healthcare facility’s revenue cycle management. Without it, it is not possible to get reimbursements. The benefit we offer to physicians is 360-degree coverage of RCM.
We help you by reducing denials, doing claim scrubbing, elevating patient satisfaction levels, etc. Getting a maximum return on patient claims becomes a possibility with our professional coding team.


Administrative Cost

Hiring an in-house team of medical coders is too expensive. Secondly, trained medical coders are scarce in the industry. This causes higher pay demands from even minimally experienced individuals.
When you outsource this department to us, providers can enjoy a sky-high level of affordability. Hiring our coders can cost healthcare facilities 60% less than a typical in-house team. We offer you a superb level of economic benefits that are unmatched in the industry.



Healthcare facilities must adhere to strict regulations. Compliance is mandatory for the latest coding guidelines prepared by ICD-10, CPT,etc. Hiring trained coding staff from Medheave ensures you remain compliant.
Skilled medical coders in our company follow these rules and help you with complete adherence to these regulations. This step helps you provide updated and optimized services in diagnosis and ultimately improve patient satisfaction.


Better Patient

Patient care is the top priority for healthcare providers. Inaccurate and faulty coding procedures can cause stress and may result in a decline in the quality of care. When you have a skilled, professional, and trained staff, it allows for optimized trust and peace of
Additionally, our team ensures a provider gets reimbursed for patient claims. This assurance of timely payment by insurance companies helps in giving more care to patients. That will lead to even higher levels of patient satisfaction

Available Throughout
the USA

Our latest and USA’s most updated coding solutions for healthcare physicians are available in all states of America.

Alabama Alaska Arizona New Hampshire New Jersey New York
Arkansas California Colorado North Carolina North Dakota Ohio
Connecticut Florida Georgia Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania
Idaho Illinois Indiana South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee
Iowa Kansas Kentucky Utah Virginia Washington
Louisiana Maryland Massachusetts West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming
Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Nebraska Nevada

Why Outsource Coding
Services to Medheave

Here are the reasons that will prove that you’re making the right choice

  • Administrative cost reduction by 50%
  • A precise coding process based on ICD-10 and CPT
  • 60% reduction in staffing and training expenses
  • Access to the industry’s top medical coders with ease
  • Guaranteed patient data safety
  • 100% assurance of timely reimbursement
  • Optimal performance of revenue cycle management
  • The industry’s most trusted and reliable team
  • Coding services are used by more than 200 providers
  • Nationwide availability in all states
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Get Timely and Spotless Submissions
with Quick Payer’s Response

We are a team of HIPAA, AHIMA, and AAPC-certified coders excelling in this field at a rapid pace. Medical coding outsourcing helps you stay on top of your game. With our help, reducing unnecessary expenses on staff training and eliminating errors becomes a reality. We keep you and payers happy with flawless and streamlined coding solutions.