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Get customized patient billing solutions in Massachusetts. Our help will vitalize your revenue cycle management to a new stage of success.

Simplify your Medical Billing Process with MedHeave

We are a top medical billing company in Massachusetts and serve its prestigious healthcare practitioners. We bring value to your patient care practices and offer our 10+ years of experience in revenue collection.  
Similarly, our medical billing specialists are certified, trained and skilled. They have spent countless years serving healthcare establishments in the great state of Massachusetts. This feature helps us satisfy your administrative needs and challenges. With our help, providers can earn massive amounts of revenue from patient claims and minimize denials for good.

Our Key Medical Billing services

Our medical billing company offers superior practice management for clinicians. We help them collect revenue from patient claims painlessly. By hiring billing staff from our organization, physicians can decrease bad debts from claim denials. Additionally, a robust system of services help optimize a medical practice’s patient satisfaction. Our patient billing services offer the following:

Medical Coding Services

We offer the industry’s best coding services for patient care practices in Massachusetts. Our CPC (certified professional coder) certified coders are the best in the industry. Accurate coding ensures the best diagnosis outcomes and patient treatment.

Patient Billing Services

Accurate patient billing is of essence when it comes to appropriate reimbursement from insurance companies. Our team holds CPB (certified professional biller) certifications and creates free of mistake patient claims.

Denial Management Services

Prompt claim denial services are the backbone of a healthcare facility’s revenue cycle management. The claim denial manager of our organization commences root cause analysis on every case. After applying the new changes, the claim is resubmitted within 24 hours.

Physician Credentialing Services

Medical practitioners are required by law to provide verification of their academic certification and medical licenses. We provide professionals with credentialing services and help them keep their focus on their patients’ treatment.

Provider Enrollment Services

The financial outcomes of a healthcare facility such as a hospital or private clinic depend on adding new patients. We are experts in getting new contracts with insurance companies. With our assistance, providers can get the best in network and out of network contracts.

24/7 Patient Help Desk

A virtual medical assistant is a key feature that allows physicians to provide after hour services to their patients. Our staff remains available 24/7 and 365 days a year. We help your patients with booking appointments, cancellation and rescheduling, etc.

Remote Patient Monitoring Services

Our RPM services help clinicians provide constant medical care to geriatric patients suffering from chronic diseases. Medheave’s billing and coding team provides a seamless process for charging these patients for rendered services.

Prior Authorization Services

Medical billers of our company do prior authorization of every patient before a physician provides treatment to them. Providing this facility allows healthcare facilities in Massachusetts to perform procedures that are covered in the insurance plan. 

Insurance Eligibility Verification

Verification of benefits is an essential technique applied by our team on behalf of a medical practitioner. It's our job to perform this step to determine the validity of the insurance plan of a patient. Hence, we help you avoid bad debts.

Benefits of Getting Medical Billing Services in Massachusetts from MedHeave

Benefits of Getting Medical Billing Services in Massachusetts from MedHeave

We are the best Massachusetts medical billing company in the USA. We provide reliable results in patient billing and coding services. The reasons for hiring us are:

Internal Medicine billing services

Nephrology billing services

Orthopedic billing services

Neurology billing services

General Surgery billing services

Orthopedic Surgery billing services

Neuro and Spinal Surgery billing services

Urology billing services

Gynecology billing services

Pediatric billing services

Cardiology billing services

Podiatry billing services

Radiology billing services

Dental billing services

Laboratory billing services

Gastroenterology billing services

Oncology billing services

Urgent Care billing services

Anesthesia billing services

Physical Therapy billing services

OB GYN billing services

Chiropractic billing services

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