Reliable Medical Credentialing Services in Massachusetts

Our reputable provider credentialing specialists will make this lengthy and tedious work simple and easy. Hire our provider enrollment services and get new patients to increase revenue quickly

Physician Credentialing Services by Medheave

We offer the industry’s landmark medical credentialing services in Boston, Massachusetts, and across the USA. Our company has more than ten years of experience enrolling physicians with top insurance payers. Expertise in this field helps us complete this lengthy process with fewer complications.
Providers require new patients to earn more revenue in order to expand their medical practices. The financial challenges of today put enormous pressure on doctors. They have to make arrangements to keep a constant flow of cash at their clinic or healthcare facility. Having a professional team enables them to achieve this goal. 
Furthermore, our enrollment managers are highly skilled in helping you choose the USA’s top insurance companies. Though it is a lengthy process, we negotiate the best terms that provide maximum benefits for your practice. Whether it is in-network or out-of-network contracts, we assist you in making the best financial decision

Our Provider Enrollment Services For Physicians

We offer the following helpful services to providers that assist in optimal patient care and regulatory compliance:

Medicare and Medicaid Provider Enrollment

We offer healthcare providers assistance in getting enrolled in the Medicare and Medicaid insurance systems. With a vast network of patients in state and federal insurance programs, providers can leverage their practice’s effectiveness to generate more revenue. 

Commercial Insurances’ Credentialing

We are experts in dealing with large commercial insurance companies. We help doctors get enrolled in the USA's top health insurance companies. Our credentialing managers talk with these organizations and present you with the best financial terms.

NPI Registration (Type I and Type II)

Additionally, we handle all the registration processes related to the NPI (National Provider Identifier). Our medical billing company, based in Massachusetts, provides both registration and billing services. Individuals working in private practice can get Type 1 registration through our channels. While Type 2 is required for healthcare facilities such as multi-disciplinary hospitals,etc.

Revalidation & Re-credentialing

Re-credentialing and revalidation are processes that are typically overlooked by the in-house administrative team. We keep a strict eye on the upcoming re-credentialing and revalidation processes. We help you get paid by proactively taking steps to maintain your practice’s status. Having an active status helps with smooth reimbursements.

Providers State License

Every provider must obtain and renew their state practicing license at regular intervals. We assist providers in fulfilling this statutory requirement and complying with it effectively. Our patient billing company also helps with the license renewal process and enables you to provide medical care uninterrupted.