Industry’s Best Orthopedic Billing Services

Is your practice suffering from common billing errors? We have a permanent solution for you! Hire our billing specialist and get rid of reimbursement issues.

Industry’s Best Orthopedic Billing Services

The revenue of an Orthopedic practice is very much dependent on the timely billing, account reimbursement and proper follow ups. If it’s not followed with proper rcm strategy then it can cause delays in payment and claim denials. If you are facing such issues then don’t worry. We are here to offer solutions that do the job perfectly! Medheave is the industry’s benchmark when it comes to orthopedic billing. We have years of experience in helping orthopedic practices to increase cash flow by reducing denied claims and improving claim rates. We have maintained our track record of success. We sort medical billing processes for healthcare facilities across the US.
We have multiple levels of quality assurance teams that check every detail on a medical bill and make sure the codes are accurate. This step ensures billing errors are minimized to lowest that results in increased cash flow.

Our Orthopedic Billing Services

With reputable orthopedic billing experts you can integrate the best patient care practices. We help you make your revenue cycle management foolproof. Our insights make way for successful reimbursements. Get out-of-the-box orthopedic medical billing services today:

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Insurance Eligibility Verification Services

Our billing specialist pays full attention to the patient's insurance eligibility for orthopedic services. We do thorough verifications and prior authorization for physicians. After that services can be provided to patients easily. By doing this we remove the chances of denials.

Demographics & Charge Entry Services

With appropriate collection of demographics services are rendered to patients. Then superbills are generated and sent to payers. We check a minimum of three times before sending claims to clearing houses or directly to insurance payers.

Orthopedic Billing & Analysis

Orthopedic surgery claims are rejected regularly. It is due to providing services that are not included in the insurance plan. Our orthopedic billing process is of the highest standard in the industry.

AR Follow up Services

It’s a fact that strong follow-up yields great results. We remove and improve claim denials and obstacles. We help you to strengthen your efforts to minimize lost revenue from aging A/R.

Orthopedic Services Collection & Denial Analysis

Our orthopedic medical billing services help providers in all aspects. Our experts provide outstanding denial management to orthopedic surgeons and physicians. We help you with multi-dimensional approaches to solve your problems.

Orthopedics Credentialing Services

In addition to orthopedic medical billing services, Medheave offers credentialing for providers. Our enrollment process allows you to have lucrative contracts with big insurance companies.
By credentialing with best insurance companies providers can get more patients. We help you grow your practice many folds with good reimbursement contracts.

Orthopedic Subspecialties Billing Services

Our billing and coding services cover all specialties in the orthopedic discipline. Here is the list of sub-specialties our medical billing company serves proficiently:

Benefits of Working with MedHeave on Orthopedic Medical Billing?

We follow industry’s best standards for excellent results. Skilled billing and coding specialists for orthopedic practices help you tirelessly. We reshape your healthcare establishments with benefits and efficiency. Standing by our side, you’ll get the best outcome guaranteed.

Why Choose MedHeave for Orthopedic Billing Services?

Our services are the best in the US. We optimize revenue cycle management for orthopedics. By having award-winning orthopedic billing at your side, you grow the practice. Top-notch assistance helps you generate revenue quickly. Nothing gets better than having a skilled team with you 24/7 for patient care.

Get a Trusted Orthopedic Billing Specialist Today!

It’s time to get the best out of your practice. Hire us and optimize orthopedic revenue cycle management.

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