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Medheave Neurology Billing Services

We are the oldest and most trusted name when it comes to meeting your expectations. We provide best neurology billing and rcm solutions. Over the years, we’ve helped countless neurologists produce great results. 
Neurologic coding is a complicated process. It must be delegated to an expert medical billing company like ours. We are a HIPAA-certified organization that is a perfect match for your practice’s requirements.
A majority of urologists face constant issues like delayed billing submissions. This is due to incorrect patient billing and claim submissions. It’s imperative that your staff produce quality billing and coding work. Without it, you’re unable to grow your practice.
Let us streamline your neurology billing process. Our expertise will allow you to win lucrative contracts from insurance companies. We are ready to elevate your practice with best-in-class neurological services.

What Our Neurology Billing & Coding Services Can Do For You  

We provide complete billing and coding services. We go ten steps further than the average neurological billing team. Our billing experts take a thorough examination of a patient’s medical record. They constantly update medical providers on the progress of generating superbills. This way, physicians are prepared to deal with any shortcomings in their practice. We help you make key strategic decisions by offering full optimization. Growing revenue cycle management on a consistent basis becomes possible with our assistance.The complete 360-degree coverage we offer is through quality-oriented solutions:

Pre-Authorization for Procedures

We take solid steps to avoid claim denials. To avoid such instances, we complete our due diligence. Any case that requires pre-authorization receives proper follow-up before we greenlight it. The time our billing managers spend expediting authorization helps minimize denials.

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Insurance Eligibility Verification for Neurology Patients

We do insurance eligibility verification for all of your patients. Our neurology medical billing and coding services excel at helping you. After appropriate eligibility checks, you can safely proceed with further steps.

Collecting Demographic Information

Our professional billers and coders ensure to add all the information related to demographics, etc. With appropriate background information, the claims we submit produce quick reimbursements. Our efforts help you maintain mistake-free claim submissions to insurance companies.

Dediacted Neurology Denial Management

The medical billing services we provide are the most unique in the industry. We offer a dedicated denial specialist for your neurology practice. Our billing software highlights each denial case and updates promptly. We file an appeal within 24 hours to get reimbursements quickly.

Neurologist Credentialing Services

Getting new contracts and patients is hard. We provide you with credentialing experts to quickly expedite new contracts. Whether you require in-network or out-of-network contract negotiation. We also provide assistance in re-credentialing with a new or the same insurance company.

Aging A/R Follow-up

Medheave’s medical billing services provide strong and valuable follow-up on aging A/R. Our efforts to recover revenue losses work perfectly for your neurology practices. In the event of any pending revenue, our account managers work diligently to recover it as soon as possible.

Why Choose Medheave for Neurology Billing Services?

Medheave provides top-tier medical billing services for neurology practices. We are a certified and award-winning billing organization based in Boston, Massachusetts. The services we offer make your healthcare facility compliant with new regulations.
Neurologists can take advantage of the following benefits when hiring our team:

States and Neurology Specilaities We Serve

Medheave offers patient billing and coding solutions for neurologists across the US. We cater to the needs of the entire healthcare facility and its various disciplines. The neurology practices that we cover and provide expertise in are:

Pediatric Neurology

Geriatric Neurology

Psychiatric Medical Billing 

Medical Billing and Coding Services for Neurosurgeons

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