Mental Health Billing Services in Boston, Massachusetts

Experience our top-notch mental health billing solutions in the USA. Our billers help you elevate the level of patient care and optimize behavioral health revenue cycle management

Our Behavioral Health Billing Services For Providers

We offer the industry’s best billing services for psychologists and psychiatrists in Boston, Massachusetts. We specifically created our psychological health billing services to address routine patient billing issues.
The psychiatric and behavioral science departments are overwhelmed by the patient influx. In-house teams are unable to cope with ever-mounting challenges. A trusted behavioral billing company like Medheave is equipped with the technical expertise to solve these reimbursement problems. 
Our billers are skilled and highly qualified. They have certification that enables them to resolve complex insurance claims. This results in exponential growth in RCM and a rapid decline in aging accounts receivable. Outsourcing behavioral and mental health billing services to us provides a streamline process of claim generation and minimal denials.

Features of Our Billing Services for Mental Health Practitioners

Every provider can customize our cutting-edge solution to tackle common and complex issues surrounding revenue cycle management. We offer the following features to psychology and psychiatry practices that they can’t find anywhere else

Mistake-Free Demographic Entry

Demographic information collection is the first step in providing outstanding reimbursement services. Our billing experts know how critical this stage is in medical practice. We ensure the system captures every detail from the outset. One of the biggest contributors to rejections is incorrect information and typos, which harm your chances of making successful submissions. We never make these mistakes, and we double-check every demographic detail that goes into the system. Furthermore, with accurate details and zero mistakes of name or additional information, claims are submitted and expedited quickly.

Eligibility Verification Services

Insurance eligibility verification is a vital part of medical billing services for mental health practitioners. Our experts gather all the patient's information and verify with the payer the plan's coverage. With prompt verification, only the services or procedures covered under the insurance plan are performed. By doing this, our psychiatry billing and coding professionals reduce the chances of claim denials and the additional burden on providers.

Pre-Authorization Services

Prior authorization is mandatory for medical procedures and services that are partially covered or have already been performed. Our billing staff promptly completes this step and obtains formal approval from the insurance company, so providers get paid in full. This not only helps therapists avoid costly denials of rendered services, but it also proves useful in the quick expediting of insurance claims.

Patient Billing Statements

Our experts send all the statements to patients for the collection of bills and dues. We efficiently mail any service-related dues to the designated patient. We issue billing statements on behalf of the provider and ensure timely payments.

Claim Follow-up and Appeals

We provide 24/7 follow-up on claims, their submissions, acceptances, denials, and rejections. When a denial occurs, our team initiates a thorough investigation to identify the root cause(s), promptly addresses them, and files appeals.We expect quick release of payments within days with a strong follow-up on claim reimbursements. Our behavioral health billers ensure the same mistake never occurs again.

24/7 Virtual Medical Assistant

The mental health and psychiatric departments require round-the-clock help for their patients. For a provider, making their office staff available 24/7 is very expensive and unfeasible. We offer a team of exceptional patient help desk assistants that guide these patients 365 days a year. Furthermore, this service reduces the need for a large number of phone operators, as well as the financial burden on psychology or psychiatry practices. Now your patients can get an all-weather, round-the-clock help desk that assists them with appointments, cancellations, and scheduling procedures.

Streamline Claim Processing System

We offer a robust method of claim processing through our mental health medical billing and coding services. We generate claims by gathering information from the provider and detailing the performed procedure. We prepare superbills and final claims for submission to payers. Furthermore, during this process, we keep constant contact with the medical staff and patient to avoid any discrepancies. This is why the claims we submit are free of mistakes and human errors. Our exceptional qualities in billing services for mental health providers in Boston, MA, enable them to receive reimbursements quickly.

Suitable for All Specialties

We provide billing services for mental health providers with diverse practice backgrounds. Our behavioral/mental health billing solutions are suitable for all healthcare and rehab facilities.  Moreover, with the assistance we offer, psychologists and psychiatrists can help a variety of patients suffering from psychological disorders. Here is a list of medical and behavioral health professionals who utilize our expertise in their clinics and hospitals:

Why Hire Our Behavioral & Mental Health Billing Services?

Our behavioral health billing company provides medical practitioners with a multitude of benefits that allow them to delegate their administrative duties. Providers can now choose trusted mental health billing services that have helped hundreds of behavioral and psychological practices across the USA. The cutting-edge features that make us unique make the provider’s practice hassle-free. We offer:

Get Award-Winning Assistance To Flourish Revenue Cycle Management

Our behavioral and psychological health billing services enable providers to achieve optimal efficiency. We help providers get more cash flow for their practices and decrease claim denials quickly.

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