Urgent Care Billing Services

Medheave offers you error-free urgent care billing services for your practice across the US. Hire us and leave your worries to the industry’s experts!

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Urgent Care Medical Billing Services We Offer

Our billing solutions are carefully crafted to tackle the needs of urgent care practices. We solve your billing and coding issues that are creating hurdles for your cash flow stream. We offer you a complete package that ensures uninterrupted growth in revenue. Here is the best of both worlds: 

Accurate Data Entry

The first step to clean submissions is accurate data entry. This is where our skilled billers and coders make a big difference. They enter each code precisely as it’s required, ensuring optimum accuracy at all points.

Completion of Claims

We submit the claims with accurate details at the appropriate time without wasting a single minute. As soon as the medical procedures are completed, we continually update it until all the rendered services are added. We submit claims with all the details of the services performed.

Claims Follow Up

Outsourcing urgent care to our team of experts helps you overcome claim denials. We know aging accounts receivable need attention. Our specialists give their best follow-up to an insurance company to release your pending bills. Strong follow-up ensures best practice management throughout the healthcare business model.  

Reports for Practices

We offer regular updates to providers on the performance of their facilities. We send key details on areas for improvement and performance. Medheave understands the ins and outs of the urgent care billing process. Our years of expertise enable you to provide optimum services that meet the patient’s satisfaction criteria.

Payments and Audits

We ensure our professional team keeps you up-to-date on all the payments made to your practice on a daily basis. Medheave’s expertise offers weekly audits of urgent care centers to maintain steady cash flow.

Appeals Management

Our team is highly skilled and professional and has years of expertise in managing appeals for urgent care facilities. Effective and timely reviewing and forecasting of urgent care revenue gaps helps you make solid decisions regarding your practice. Ensuring top-notch medical coding ends miscalculation chances and doubles reimbursements. 

Tailored Reporting Schedule

Providing customized reports and tailor-made schedules for your patients is our forte. Medheave’s professional billing and coding specialists provide updates on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Our services allow medical practitioners to focus on providing the best care to patients.

Regular Fee Schedule Updates

We update your urgent care center fee schedule after approval to keep it relevant to inflation and rising costs. These adjustments are promptly added to the claim submissions so the providers receive the appropriate amount.

Claims Follow Up

Urgent care medical billing services require rigorous follow-up to maintain the revenue stream, which is interrupted. Our real-time tracking ensures each claim is traced to the date of generation and reimbursement. Our expertise ensures you get the most out of a clean submission and the fewest rejections and latencies.

Our Urgent Care RCM Process

At Medheave urgent care billing services, we know the requirements of your practice. With a team of highly professional and motivated people, we make your healthcare facility run smoothly. We have helped numerous hospitals across the US develop proficient revenue cycle management. We understand the intricacies involved in increasing revenue and optimizing profit for your small or large-scale medical practice. The steps we will take to ensure your successful business management are listed below: 

Claim Denial Experts! Ready To Make New Image
Patient registration is the first process where we take all the information from them without a single mistake.
We verify the demographics and identify the insurance payer’s name and services covered under their plan.
We create superbills with all the information acquired from the physician's and patient’s health records.
After the services rendered to the patient and successful discharge, our certified professional coders enter the correct codes to generate the insurance claim.
As soon as the claim is generated, a team of experts goes through it and does a critical examination.
Claim scrubbing procedure checks for any mistakes, revise them, and submit them to the clearinghouse, who’s working on the insurance provider’s behalf.
We keep a critical eye on the entire process; in the event of rejection, a new error-free claim is submitted. In cases of denial, we appeal as soon as the details are provided and adjudicate the appeal in your favor.
The final step in the billing system is the preparation of the patient’s statement, where they are billed for any amount due to them. Our team ensures strong follow-up on patients' dues and informs providers with appropriate information promptly.
Why Choose Us for Urgent Care Billing Solutions

Why Choose Us for Urgent Care Billing Solutions?

Medheave is an authentic and reputable urgent care billing service provider in the US. By outsourcing your coding and billing departments to us, you will get the industry’s best experience. We know the challenges and requirements of consistent revenue generation in healthcare practice. Our team works tirelessly to ensure successful business growth and a decline in denials. We keep the number of clean submissions high and rejections or denials to a minimum. Ensuring a smooth sail for your practice all year long. With our assistance, these are the benefits that embody the success formula that will be incorporated into your practice.

Perfectional accuracy in claim generation and on-time submission
Sky-high successful claim submissions and almost-zero denials or rejections
Optimum transparency and guaranteed business growth
Strong follow-up on aging A/R accounts and immediate resolution

Hire Medheave Urgent Care Billing Services Today!

Every provider struggles to meet the insurmountable challenges of patient satisfaction and revenue cycle management! Outsourcing your practice’s billing and coding services ensures you have a team of professionals on your back. Medheave’s unparalleled expertise provides a guarantee of meeting these targets without hurdles. The end results are a win-win for medical practice and patients. Call us now and grow your revenue and practice without any delay.