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Medheave Podiatry Billing Services

Before getting into the billing services, we need to discuss what podiatry is in medical terms. Podiatry is a medical specialty that focuses on the diagnosis and surgical treatment of human foot or ankle injuries, diseases, and other defects. Conditions that come under the umbrella of podiatry care are:

At MedHeave, we provide you with the best podiatry billing services. A team of experts decodes the intricacies related to podiatry service, ensures accuracy, and submits claims on time. A seamless financial gain with elevation in your practice is what we have been delivering for years. We allow you to focus on patient care and provide advanced podiatric care.

Our Comprehensive Podiatry Medical Billing Services includes:

Medheave offers a wide range of services for pediatricians. These include billing, coding, credentialing for child care specialists, etc. For resolving your practice’s revenue cycle management issues, you can use the custom fit solutions quickly.

Accurate Claim Submission and Management

We ensure timely and clean submission of podiatry claims to the healthcare payer. An expert team helps manage the whole process from step one to the last step.

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Proper Insurance Verification Check

A team of professionals verifies the eligibility of the insurance company and the coverage it provides to patients.

Coding Compliance

We offer a comprehensive healthcare business analysis to providers. Our insights into your billing and coding processes identify weak performance areas. Accurate data analytics help pediatricians make beneficial strategic decisions.

Account Receivable Management

The company attentively manages accounts receivable. The expert team identifies the possible issues and resolves them promptly.

Customized Solutions

Medheave can tailor its billing services to meet the specific demands of podiatry practices. We provide a customized approach to podiatric services.

Why to Outsource Podiatry Billing Services

Outsourcing podiatry billing services to a medical billing company helps you focus on your primary duty, i.e., patient care and patient satisfaction. Professional billing companies such as Medheave have expertise in podiatry billing, know exactly what to do with the complex coding and billing regulations, and thus ensure accuracy and compliance. Outsourcing reduces your administrative burden and proves to be cost-effective. This approach results in:

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