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Our result-oriented physical therapy billing solutions are at the forefront of innovation. We help practices grow their businesses and earn maximum revenue efficiently.

Our PT Billing Services For Providers

At Medheave Medical Billing Company in Boston, MA, we understand the complexities surrounding claims. We have teams of physical therapy billers and coders. They help physiotherapists apply billing solutions. We assist providers in maintaining focus on patient care while we take care of insurance claim reimbursements. 

On the contrary, having an in-house team makes costly mistakes that result in denials and rejections. Hiring trained and certified billing specialists ensures operational efficiency at an optimal level. Using our therapy billing services helps you sustain cash flow and optimize revenue cycle management easily. 

We offer end-to-end customized solutions to healthcare providers. They are the following:

Insurance Eligibility Verification

Physiotherapists are constantly busy alleviating the pain of their patients. Our medical billing company conducts a thorough verification of benefits. By carrying out this step, we guarantee that each patient receives treatment under the precise insurance plan that covers the services provided.

Demographics & Charge Entry Services

Charge entry is the most important aspect of claim processing. Our billing experts work tirelessly to improve your practice management. With absolute perfection, we enter all the details of the service amount. We meticulously add patient demographics to guarantee a seamless billing process.

Radiology and Diagnostic Billing Services

Other than generating insurance claims for PT practices that host diagnostic facilities such as radiology and laboratory testing can avail themselves of our full range of patient medical billing solutions. Our assistance adds consistency, accuracy, and results in revenue generation from all avenues of your practice.

Aging A/R Follow up Services

Pending claims are a burden on physical therapy practices. We resolve aging accounts receivable. Our billing software highlights any claims not paid in due time. This function allows our staff to go after these insurance claims with all their efforts. We can help you reduce the A/R timeline by a significant margin.

Strong Denial Management Services

Healthcare facilities and therapy providers suffer from claim denials. A professional and highly skilled team of billers and coders ensures that you are protected from such incidents. We sort out all claims that are denied. Our effective denial management provides appropriate remedial actions.

Credentialing Services for Physical Therapist

Our medical billing company, based in Massachusetts, offers a diverse range of solutions. Our enrollment staff contacts various top insurance companies and gets you enrolled in their payment system. This step helps private physiotherapy practices get the appropriate cash flow to support their business.

Reasons To Get Our Physiotherapy Billing Services

Benefits of Our Physical Therapy Billing Services

By outsourcing patient medical billing services, therapists can achieve optimal efficiency. We provide valuable assistance that grows a practice quickly. Here are the benefits that a physiotherapy provider will get:

Skilled Billing Staff

The most prominent benefit of having our services at your disposal is access to a highly skilled team. We have a strict system in place that ensures hiring only qualified personnel. This way, we provide you with peace of mind knowing that a certified team is taking care of your patient billing department.

Cost Efficient Option

Operational cost savings are essential for long-term practice management. Our assistance costs three times less than that of on-site staff. This means that we can work and provide results even with a strict budget cap. Our economical medical billing solutions help you get the best results with fewer expenses on a regular basis.

Improved Compliance

Healthcare regulations have changed continuously. Meeting these standards is becoming more difficult day by day. Our professional team keeps your practice updated and helps you apply it. This step provides a new opportunity to provide better and optimized patient care throughout the year. We help therapy practices comply with HIPAA regulations.

Accurate Coding & Billing

Medheave’s medical coding team has mastered the updated CPT codes. This has provided us with proficiency in assigning the correct code to each diagnosis. Being well-versed in HCPCS and CPT coding guidelines helps us empower your practice with robust revenue cycle management. Accuracy in coding helps the medical billing team with data entry and appropriate insurance claim billings.

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