Matchless General Surgery Billing Services in Massachusetts

Our general billing services are here to solve your patient billing issues. Grow your medical practice by threefold by increasing revenue rapidly. Our assistance will put a stop to insurance claim denials permanently.

Medheave General Surgery Billing Services in Boston, Massachusetts

We are the industry’s fastest-growing medical billing company, based in Massachusetts. We have served more than 500 providers related to different medical practices. With more than a decade of experience, we strive to make your billing department tidy with positive results. 
General surgery practice involves doing surgical procedures on patients. These procedures are very costly, and thus an imperative need arises for qualified professionals. 
Our billers and coders for general surgery practice are highly qualified. The coding team at Medheave is AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders) and HCPCS (Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System) certified. This enables our experts to use appropriate billing codes, ensuring accurate claims. 
Our medical billing company provides first-class revenue cycle management. By working closely with providers, we optimize their earnings and pool of patients.

Benefits of our Surgery Medical Billing Services For General Surgeons

Our patient billing company offers huge benefits to general surgery medical providers. These advantages reward the best return on investment for medical experts. The unique patient billing surgical packages given to surgeons are:

Exceptional Surgical Billing and Coding Services

Prominent benefits we provide through our medical billing and coding for general surgeons are top-tier services. We provide best-in-class patient billing and coding services that are second to none in the industry. A strong billing department ensures the optimal running of your medical practice. Outsourcing providers can avoid compliance issues. Streamline functions can be integrated and utilized for maximum output by using our patient billers.

Certified General Surgery Coders

We have a team of highly qualified coders for general surgery practice. They are well-versed in the coding guidelines of ICD-10 and CPT. This upper hand allows us to serve all the needs of your medical practice effectively.  Additionally, our coding team for general surgery holds AAPC and HCPCS certifications. We understand complex medical terminologies and their use in the correct assignment of codes. That’s why surgeons trust us to outsource the billing department.

Daily Claim Submission

Medheave’s billing and coding services for general surgery practices submit claims on a daily basis. We know a slight delay can deprive you of valuable revenue. We provide you with a dedicated team that ensures medical bills are submitted on a daily basis. By taking this step, we strengthen our revenue collection efforts. Enabling you to gather vast amounts of revenue for the better function of your clinic or hospital.

Help With Aging Accounts Receivable Collections

Our services related to general surgery billing are specifically designed for helping you with A/R collections. Aging or pending accounts receivable cannot be ignored when a vast amount of time is spent on treating patients.  With our help, surgery practices can collect pending payments from insurance payers. We understand that running a small clinic or a midsize hospital is difficult in tough economic times.  Our billing managers keep strong follow-up on such cases. We identify why there is a delay and sort out the problems quickly. We keep you updated on all developments and stages of pending claims. We don’t rest until the claim payment is released to your account.

General Surgeons Credentialing Services

New patients are a lifeline for the growth of healthcare facilities. To ensure growth in the pool of patients, we provide you with the provider’s enrollment services.  Typically, credentialing is a long process with lengthy pages and verification steps. Our managers help you get out-of-network and in-work contracts with insurance companies. By using our sources, providers can get the best and most lucrative contracts with the top insurance payers of their choice

Billing and Coding Services To All States

Medheave Medical Billing Company provides services to the entire USA. Our cutting-edge billing solutions are not only available in Massachusetts, but providers all- around the USA can avail of them.  These are the states where our custom-made revenue cycle management is readily available.




New Hampshire

New Jersey

New York




North Carolina

North Dakota