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Is your Gastroenterology practice optimizing revenue to its fullest? Hire Medheave for guaranteed reduced denials, effective RCM, and increased reimbursement.

MedHeave: A Reputable Gastroenterology Medical Billing Company

Maximize the full financial potential of your gastroenterology practice with our top-notch gastroenterology billing services. We understand the complex billing and coding processes faced by gastroenterologists. A single denial or rejection can impact the financial health of your healthcare facility. At Medheave, we are committed to streamlining your whole billing process, from enrollment to claim submission. The company ensures that you receive an effective and timely reimbursement.

Tailored Gastroenterology Billing Services for Your Practice

Extensive Claims Monitoring and Auditing

Our dedicated team closely monitors and audits all the claims. This ensures prompt and accurate processing. Thus, it reduces the risk of financial loss.

Effective Claim Processing

Medheave handles the complex process of claim submission. It guarantees that gastroenterology procedures are accurately processed.

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Insurance enrollment is made easy

Medheave facilitates seamless enrollment in insurance plans. We make sure  that your gastroenterology services are properly recognized and rewarded. Hence, improve the financial stability of your business.

Precise Coding for Gastroenterology

Our expert coding staff ensures accurate and compliant coding for all the gastroenterology procedures, including endoscopy, screening test, and colonoscopy.

Enhanced Revenue Cycle Reporting and Analysis

We conduct a comprehensive analysis of the revenue cycle. Our team offers analytical reports that help to improve your billing processes. It also helps to maximize productivity and generates income.

Our Gastroenterology Billing Process

At Medheave, our real motto is transparency and efficiency. We make sure that our clients understand each step and witness the care and commitment to enhance our clean claim rate. Here are the steps of our gastroenterology billing process:

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Claims Transmission

The billing process starts when the clients provide us with patient information such as medical history, insurance cards, claims, charge sheets, verification data, etc. We utilize secure FTP channels to scan and upload these documents.

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Checking Medical Claims

Our team then checks the medical claims and the documents to see if there is any information missing or an error. Upon finding any error, we promptly inform the client and demand swift ratification.

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Our certified  coders employ the latest CPT and ICD10 codes. Precise codes are assigned to the patient’s diagnosis and procedures. The claims are again checked to find any inconsistencies.

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Creating Charges

The next step is the creation of medical claims that adhere to location-specific rules and guidelines. This process takes 24 hours to complete. Thus maintaining a timely approach to billing.

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Auditing Medical Claims

A rigorous auditing process includes verification of codes, quality checks, and ensuring the accuracy of the information provided to the company. This directly reduces the chances of rejection of the claims.

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Medical Claim Transmission and Submission

After a meticulous auditing process, the claim is forwarded to the transmission department. It is thoroughly checked and then dispatched to the insurance companies.

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Medical Claim Transmission and Submission

After a meticulous auditing process, the claim is forwarded to the transmission department. It is thoroughly checked and then dispatched to the insurance companies.

Why Do We Stand Out as the Best Medical Billing Company for Gastroenterologists?

Following are some of the reasons why we stand out as a premium gastroenterology billing service provider company:

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