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Medheave’s chiropractic medical billing services solve your practice’s financial problems quickly. Hire our billing and coding experts and streamline your revenue cycle management efficiently.

Medheave Chiropractic Billing Services Massachusetts

Chiropractic billing and coding are different from other medical specialties. Patient billing companies must have a team that knows everything about this practice. An unqualified and unskilled team can make matters worse for you.
We are the USA’s most trusted chiropractic billing solutions provider. We understand the common issues related to claim denials and account receivables. Our patient billing company offers you a highly skilled and certified team.
Outsourcing the patient claim and coding departments to us allows us to easily achieve maximum cash flow for your practice. We thoroughly examine the billing process and remove the hurdles that damage your earnings. 
A certified and professional chiropractic billing company like Medheave ensures quality-driven services. With our help, error-free chiropractic claims will be created that will permanently end the practice’s billing issues.

Benefits of Medheave Chiropractic Practice Billing Services

Our company is based in Massachusetts and comprises the industry’s top chiropractic billing experts. We have more than a decade of experience. 
Due to this extensive experience, we generate free patient billings. We do prompt claim submissions and expedite quick reimbursement to strengthen your financial stability. 
Outsourcing allows chiropractic doctors to get loads of benefits they are unable to get on their own. The advantages we provide you through our medical coding are:

Insurance Eligibility Verification Services

The top reasons for claim denials are undermining eligibility verifications. This step is necessary to get reimbursement from insurance companies. Ignoring this results in the denial of payment for services rendered to the patients.
We provide you with high-grade chiropractic insurance verification services. Best-practice management is achieved when prompt eligibility checks are applied. 
To achieve an optimal financial outcome, our chiropractic billing specialist performs insurance eligibility checks on every patient. We minimize the chances of costly denials of reimbursement by following this rigorous process.

Latest Software for Patient Billing

The chiropractic billing software we use at Medheave is the latest and ensures maximum efficiency. By using this up-to-date patient billing software, we minimize mistakes to zero.
Manual entries are prone to human errors, which results in a constant need for claim scrubbing. Whereas, the state-of-the-art patient billing software used by our billers ensures mistake-free claims.
Our use of digital platforms also enables transparency. It helps in tracking stages of approval and root cause analysis if any mistake occurs while creating insurance claims.

State-of-the-Art Denial Management Services

Our Massachusetts chiropractic claims management services are the best in the USA. We have a dedicated team that only looks after claim denials. The biggest advantage providers get from our chiropractic billing consulting services is that we have separate teams for each function. 
We use multiple teams to consolidate efforts toward ensuring billing compliance and optimal performance. In the event that a claim is denied, we assign the task to the denial managers at Medheave. 
They investigate thoroughly and find the root cause of this problem. Prompt edits are made on such cases and submitted quickly within hours. This helps in speedy reimbursement recovery.

Chiropractic Credentialing Services

New patients and referrals ensure long-term operational earnings. We offer the benefit of credible provider enrollment services with insurance companies. 
Our enrollment team meets with chiropractors and helps in choosing the top insurance company. We are experts in dealing with in-network and out-of-network contracts. 
We make this tedious and lengthy process smoother and less complex. We help you get more patients through insurance contracts. Ultimately providing you better opportunities to increase revenue.

24/7 Virtual Help Desk

The Massachusetts chiropractic billing company Medheave offers an online patient help desk. Our virtual patient help desk runs 24/7. We help with much of your practice’s administrative work by doing the following chores:

Data Analytic Services

Medheave Chiropractic Insurance Billing Company offers up-to-the minute data analysis services. We update healthcare facilities’ performance regularly. 
Our business managers provide information on your practice’s performance. This analysis contains useful information that highlights weaknesses. 
By using this information, providers can improve their weak areas or departments. Improvement measures can be promptly applied. Also, strategic administrative decisions can be taken on the basis of this data.

Speedy Chiropractic Billing Process

We have an abundance of top and highly expert medical billers. This quality gives us an edge over other companies. Our team understands the nuances of chiropractic practices and their coding system. 
That’s why we create reliable patient insurance claims. We maintain adherence to quality and quickly make insurance claims that are second to none. 
Our billing department, within hours, submits reimbursement claims. Using every precious second to do the best of our abilities. We are experts in getting reimbursement amounts within 3–7 days.

Trusted by 500+ Providers and Healthcare Systems

Outsourcing chiropractic revenue cycle management to our platform provides all range of benefits. In Massachusetts and the rest of the USA, more than 500 hospitals and providers trust us.
Here is a list of few providers we have worked with and continue to provide our best to them:

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