Our Chronic Care Management Billing Services

Chronic care management (CCM) deals with patients suffering from diseases that last more than 3 months. Managing these patients warrants challenges on a whole new level for providers. These patients require face-to-face meetings with experts for treatment and counseling purposes. Physicians are required to provide them with a thorough consultation for a minimum of 20 minutes or longer.

Healthcare providers face constant challenges and shortfalls in accurately billing and coding for these high-risk patients. A need for reputable CCM services is growing rapidly, which eases the administrative burden on primary care physicians. Outsourcing care management services reduces the burden on providers and ensures specialists run them perfectly.

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Why Choose Medheave Chronic
Care Management Services?

Medheave serves your practice’s goal more efficiently and economically than your on-site staff. Our highly skilled and technical employees make sure their work is carried out with the best performance. Let us make your patient and RCM’s rapid growth possible with optimum satisfaction.

Years of Expertise in Healthcare Industry icon

Years of Expertise in Healthcare Industry

Providing chronic care management to healthcare practices requires extensive knowledge. Our team of specialists has the training and skills of professionals that are second to none. This is why they are able to handle practices that have thousands of patients. By utilizing our expertise, your clinic or hospital has equipped itself to serve patients with chronic diseases. Since these patients require thorough examination and long-term treatments. A team with well-versed management knowledge increases satisfaction by twofold.

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Dedicated Team for Each Practice’s Requirement

Chronic care patients’ billing and coding require a custom-fit solution. Using a one-size-fits all mechanism not only disturbs the cash flow but also creates problems. This is why we assign a dedicated team that knows the ins and outs of your healthcare business. Every provider has different requirements that differ from others; we ensure the team provided to you knows each clinic’s needs appropriately.

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Round the Clock Availability

Healthcare facilities need 24/7 staff availability. Chonic disease management is a medical niche that presents a unique set of challenges. To cater to the requirements of our prestigious providers, we ensure the availability of our billing and coding experts to assist your team. This step helps you keep up with the rising demands of treatments for chronic diseases. Your facility will be able to treat life-long diseases and their effects, and superb growth in RCM can be achieved.

Medheave Chronic Care Billing Solutions

Medheave is your go-to solution when you need to coordinate care for chronic cases. Our team members are experts in dealing with patients insurance claims for Medicare.We ensure all the services, including transitional care, are optimized for elderly patients. With an exceptionally skilled team on board, we untangle the workload on your clinical staff. Here are the things you get by utilizing our assistance in maximizing the output of your patient care management:

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  • Prior authorization before the commencement of services
  • Proficiency in CPT codes and the latest guidelines
  • Appropriate information is provided to patients before office visits.
  • Accurate use of coding and billing to make error-free insurance claims
  • Availability of expert chronic care billers 24/7 and 365 days a year
  • Prompt action on claim rejection and re-submission within one day
  • Immediate reduction in administrative and clerical burden on providers
  • Quick solution to healthcare providers facing staff shortages: an appropriately trained workforce
  • Compliance with the latest guidelines and requirements set by HIPAA, etc.

Benefits of Outsourcing Chronic Care
Billing Services

Treating patients with chronic conditions that have a disease history of 12 months or more is very challenging. The provider care team needs to adjust the medicines and make a comprehensive care plan for patients. Esuring accurate CPT codes to be added to the insurance claims becomes too confusing and time-consuming for busy practices.

Outsourcing or delegating a provider’s lengthy work to an experienced medical billing and coding team provides compliance. With the assistance of experts, administrative staff can be less exposed to recurrent mistakes in filling out details or inaccurate codes.