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I have been in practice for many years and have used the services of a handful of billing companies over the years. I have been using MedHeave for the past year. I have had only positive experiences. The billing routers are being submitted on a timely basis and are scrubbed to correct any errors that my office might have made. The communication lines between the Doctor’s office and biller are always open. The software being utilized is user friendly with multiple reports available for analysis. Lastly, the cost for the billing service is one of the most competitive on the market.

Zevi Isseroff
Specialty: Podiatry

Excellent medical billing company we have used at the Psychological Office. I fully recommend them to handle your billing account. Anytime I have a question or need assistance with anything, they are right on it! They handle claims quickly, and have made everything easy to join and work with them! Very happy at Dr.Rothfarb’s Office!

Heather Bibeau
Specialty: Psychological

I have had positive experiences with Medheave Medical Billing service. They respond to your questions promptly, and pick up the phone promptly. MedHeave has been a big help to my business. I would highly recommend them to any medical service needing medical billing.

Emmanuel Peprah
Specialty: Doctor

This company allowed my company to finally gain reimbursement after two awful experiences. Alex even found out ways for additional reimbursement. IK Medical Diagnostic Loves our biller!!

Femi Barrett
Specialty: Doctor

I would highly recommend Medheave. They are very responsive to questions or problems. We have found that they always follow up on problems with prompt resolution and good communication.

Harvey Jacobs
Specialty: Doctor

Hi I have worked with Medheave Adam and Finn for some time. They are awesome. Services provided are great if you did not know all they handle.

Vivian Castro
Specialty: Doctor