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Medheave Billing Company for Pain
Management Practices

We are the fastest-growing billing and coding services company in the USA. Our company has over 10 years of experience helping medical practices overcome claim denials. This is why healthcare facilities around the world trust our billing experts.

Physicians dealing with pain management are under a lot of stress in providing the best medical care to patients. When appropriate care is not applied in the billing process, insurance claims can be rejected. This creates a financial disaster knocking at your doorstep.

On the other hand, a reputed medical billing service such as Medheave offers many benefits. Our team is well-versed in the pain management coding system. We help providers with accurate diagnosis and billing. With our help, a two-fold increase in revenue is a done deal.

Features of Our Pain Management
Medical Billing Services

At Medheave, a billing solution provider based in Massachusetts, we offer countless features. These features help you easily choose the best and most suitable revenue cycle management service. Our patient billing service is world-renowned and consists of the following features:


Dedicated Denial
Management Services

Claim denials are an important aspect and should not be overlooked. Billing managers at Medheave pay attention to any claim that has been denied. We thoroughly investigated the reasons for these issues.
After appropriate mitigation measures such as edits, changes in name or location, etc., a new claim is filed. Our team provides extensive follow-up, resulting in the approval and release of payments.


Trained Team of
Medical Billers

Having a trained team that knows typical medical terminologies is a blessing. There is a severe scarcity of such experts in the industry. But when you outsource our pain management billing services, this problem is solved indefinitely. Our team is well trained in ICD-10, CPT, and complex medical diseases. This is the reason we offer you exceptional work right from the start.


All-Weather Virtual
Patient Helpdesk

Pain management physicians are in dire need of a patient help desk. Our virtual patient helpline is the service that perfectly serves your requirements. Our online patient assistant helps your patients apply for appointments and other services. This is a very expensive solution if local on-site staff is used for this work. But we offer you the benefit of doing patient coding and billing. Additionally, this service is available 24/7.


Timely Claim

Generating accurate claims and submitting them in a timely manner is key to success. Our billing team knows the importance of this step. Therefore, we submit each claim within the designated time frame. All medical claims are created meticulously, leaving no room for mistakes. Charge entry, demographics, and service details are carefully added to the super bill. Thus, getting reimbursement from insurance payers is excessively easy.


Appropriate Care of
Accounts Receivable

We appoint our experienced A/R managers. They maintain strong and consistent follow-up on these cases. We know these claims are important for your practice. We cannot let them add in lost revenue. Outsourcing pain management billing team from Medheave allows you freedom from these worries. Our assistance helps you gain pending revenue from account receivable claims.


Robust Pain Management
RCM Services

A time-tested pain management billing company like Medheave offers various benefits. We help you maintain the healthcare facility’s financial output. By appropriately handling insurance claim submissions and following up on reimbursement claims, we help you achieve financial success. With Medheave’s billing expert’s guidelines, revenue cycle management can be maintained in
pristine condition.

Why Outsource Pain Management Services
to Medheave

No one can do a better job when it comes to pain management billing services by Medheave. We are based in Boston, Massachusetts. We offer patient billing services to providers all across the USA. You should choose us because we are:

  • USA’s #1 trusted medical billing company
  • We have a trained and skilled billing and coding team.
  • We have a 24/7 patient help desk available
  • We can help maximize revenue by two folds.
  • We will lower claim denials by 50%.
  • Recovery of aging A/R payments in 30–45 days
  • Access to top billing experts at an economical range
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Our Other Services for
Healthcare Providers

Apart from patient billing services related to pain management practice, we offer various other solutions as well, such as:

  • Provider credentialing services / Physician enrollment services
  • Dedicated denial management services
  • Urgent care billing services
  • Emergency room billing services
  • Remote patient monitoring services
  • Chronic care management services
  • Healthcare data analytics services
  • 24/7 virtual medical assistant services
  • Suitable for a variety of medical specialties, such as:
  • Podiatry billing services
  • Pediatrics billing services
  • Orthopedics billing services
  • Radiology billing services
  • Dental billing services
  • Mental Health billing services
  • Nephrology billing services
  • Neurology billing services
  • Cardiology billing services
  • Laboratory billing services
  • Urology billing services
  • Gastroenterology billing services
  • Oncology billing services
  • Anesthesia billing services

Solve Pain Management Billing Issues
With Precision and Efficacy

Outsourcing provides physicians with greater leverage. We will help you overcome the loss of revenue quickly.
Medheave’s business insights will help you grow your practice at a sustainable pace