Vascular Surgery Medical Billing Services in Massachusetts

Get our custom-made vascular surgery billing services to optimize the revenue of your practice. Our experts are AAPC-certified and offer a quick turnaround in your medical practice. We help providers easily receive full reimbursement on patient claims.

Our Medical Billing Services For Vascular Surgeons

Medheave Medical Billing Company is based in Boston, Massachusetts. We offer a diverse range of services related to medical coding and billing. Our expert staff helps vascular surgery practices flourish and provide care to a vast pool of patients. 
Our organization understands the medical claim problems that providers face on a daily basis. This enables us to help physicians and healthcare facilities with tailor-made solutions. We streamline the billing process with more than a decade of experience. 
Additionally, our billing specialists are the industry’s best. They help you avoid costly insurance denials with error-free claim submissions. By outsourcing medical billing to us, your surgery practice will definitely get top-notch financial results.

What We Offer To Vascular Surgery Practices

Challenges to healthcare facilities such as large-scale hospitals and small private practices are countless. Furthermore, strict regulations also play a part in decreasing the revenue of providers. Our billing system for vascular surgery providers offers the following services:

Mistake-free Billing and Coding Services

Accurate medical billing and coding is key to the success of healthcare providers. Insurance claims that are error-free increase the likelihood of prompt payment. Our billing solutions provide you with 100% accuracy in generating reimbursement claims. At first submission, our claim success rate is 99%, ensuring that providers receive all pending amounts.

End-to-End Revenue Cycle Management Services

Our vascular surgery billing company ensures that we provide end-to-end RCM services to surgeons. We have a skilled team that works with providers to end billing issues permanently. Our revenue cycle management solutions provide the following assistance:

Virtual Medical Assistant Services

The virtual patient help desk is always ready to assist patients belonging to your practice. Our online administrative staff helps with the booking or cancellation of consultations. Furthermore, our representative assists with patient inquiries pertaining to their case. Any information related to medications and their labeling is provided promptly, etc

Remote Patient Monitoring Services

Many patients undergoing surgery require constant care after discharge from the hospital. Our RPM solutions help surgeons provide round-the-clock care to these patients. Similarly, patients with chronic diseases require this service so their physician can monitor their health closely. We enable doctors to utilize this facility and get 24/7 updates on their patient’s vital signs.

Enrollment and Credentialing Services for Surgeons

Enrollment services help surgeons with perfect practice management. By enrolling with insurance payers, physicians can get new referrals and revenue instantly. We help providers get out-of-network and in-network contracts. Credentialing and enrollment experts at our company make this process less complicated with quick processing.

Denial Management Solutions

Claim denials are the norm in the healthcare industry. They are costly and put an enormous financial burden on hospitals and private clinics. We assign a dedicated team of managers to look after insurance denials. This allows your facility to respond to these cases promptly without wasting valuable time. Each case is handled by experts, leaving no stone unturned in getting you full reimbursement.

Emergency Room Medical Billing Services

For surgeons working in the ER department, our billing solutions offer full coverage of procedures and services rendered to patients. Many complex and life-saving surgeries are performed in emergency rooms. Our services guarantee surgeons receive appropriate payment without the concern of claim acceptance.

Healthcare Data Analytic Services

Medheave provides data analytics to providers. All the claims processed and pending are detailed in our daily, weekly, and monthly reports. The analytic report about the healthcare facility’s performance provides valuable insights to physicians. Major and strategic financial decisions can be made easily based on these findings.

Benefits of Hiring Our Vascular Surgery Medical Billing Services

Orthopedic surgery

Dental surgery

Cardio-thoracic surgery

Uro-gynecology surgery

Aesthetic surgery

Neuro-spinal surgery

Fulfill Your Accurate Billing Needs By Our Top Experts

We will help you increase your cash flow and earn more with each claim submission. Streamline your billing and coding needs with our help and achieve the best results.

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