Most Reliable Family Practice Billing Services in Massachusetts

Our medical billing team makes the entire process of claim submission clean and efficient. We have 10+ years of experience helping healthcare facilities. Now physicians can earn 3x more with error-free patient insurance claims. Outsource our economical billing and coding services in the USA today and get maximum reimbursement.

Medheave’s Family Practice Medical Billing Services For Providers

We are an award-winning and most prestigious medical billing company in Massachusetts. Our breakthrough solutions are not only helping physicians in Boston but the entire USA as well. We are a HIPAA-compliant organization that has changed the landscape of the patient billing industry. 
At Medheave, we give prime importance to the needs of healthcare providers and their patients. This is why we are always successful in offering unique and custom-made coding services to each practice. 
Whether you are suffering from aging accounts receivable or a poor billing process, we are always available to sort out these problems. The expertise we possess will help to increase cash flow for your practice seamlessly.

Benefits of Outsourcing Family Practice Billing Services To Us

We offer a wide variety of quality-centric medical billing services for family practitioners. These advantages help providers reduce their workload and convert monotonous work into exciting ones. Here are the most desired features from Medheave:

Latest Family Practice Billing Software

Our billing specialist uses the latest billing software that ensures maximum transparency on patient claims. Every service provided to them is recorded and added to the system, strengthening a healthcare facility’s earnings. 
The use of updated and secured medical billing software enables your practice to achieve HIPAA compliance. We help you meet the strict health department’s regulations easily.

Optimal Efficiency

Patient claim billing is a tedious task and requires the availability of trained staff. Without a skilled team, achieving efficiency is difficult, if not impossible. With our assistance, this process becomes smooth and helps physicians achieve maximum results. 
The efficiency we will provide you also helps in getting the best results with a small team. This additionally supports healthcare establishments on a small or large scale to reduce expenses.

Custom-fit for Family Medicine Practices

The billing process we follow infuses transparency and compliance. By following this process, we check all the boxes to ensure all the steps are carried out perfectly. A short glimpse of our insurance claim billing workflow follows:

Our Family Medicine Practice Billing Process

The billing process we follow infuses transparency and compliance. By following this process, we check all the boxes to ensure all the steps are carried out perfectly. A short glimpse of our insurance claim billing workflow follows:

a. Insurance Eligibility and Pre-authorization Verification

Before a physician provides medical services to a patient, we do insurance eligibility checks. In the event that prior authorization is required from the insurance company, we promptly inform them. After getting formal approval, doctors can easily provide appropriate care, e.g., consultations, follow-up visits, procedures, etc.

b. Claim Submission

After the procedure or consultation is completed, we do a thorough re-check for any mistakes. A three-layered quality assurance team makes critical checks and gives the final green light. Then the insurance claim is submitted with perfect details.

c. Payment Posting and Audit

After receiving the reimbursement amount, it is compared with the claim sent to insurance payers. With appropriate justification and matching, payment records are added to the system. Your patients are also informed of the claim generated against their treatment expenses. Further strengthening their confidence in the provider’s financial transactions.

d. Management of Denied Claim

Any case where the reimbursement amount is denied or objections are raised over the claims is addressed promptly. Our billing managers investigate root causes and employ their best expertise. After applying remedial actions, a new claim is submitted that ensures physicians get paid adequately.

Family Practice Billing Services We Offer

We are the USA’s fastest-growing patient billing company. We aim to bring you the best billing process and quick reimbursement experience under one roof. The services we cover under family practice billing include the following:

Flexible Pricing Options

Having a flexible pricing option gives us an edge over other highly expensive companies. Family practice physicians only pay a small amount for each patient they provide services to. This helps them get the desired financial outcomes from our billing services. 
Furthermore, the pricing we offer you is 50% less than the industry’s benchmark. By outsourcing the patient billing department, providers can enjoy this feature in all aspects of their revenue cycle management.

What Our Billers Can Do For You

Skilled medical billers for family physicians at Medheave are equipped with state-of-the art solutions. We take all the steps necessary to complete the process of patient billing and claim submission. In doing our best job, these are the things our team will do for you:

Why Family Medicine Practitioners Should Hire Us?

Talk To Our Best Family Practice Billing Experts in the USA

If your family practice is suffering from claim denials and unsatisfactory patient billing outcomes, It’s time to hire a team that knows everything and has a command of this complicated process of patient billing.

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