Geriatric Billing Services In Massachusetts

Our geriatric medical billing services solve all issues related to patient billing and the revenue cycle. We help clinical practices minimize claim denials and increase revenue streams easily.

Medheave Geriatric Billing Company For Providers Across The USA

We are a medical billing company based in Massachusetts. Our skilled team is certified and provides top-notch services to geriatric practices in America. We successfully resolve late claim submission issues and enable chronic care management facilities to earn more revenue. 
Similarly, we understand the typical problems that damage billing for chronic care patients. Our more than ten years of experience help providers reduce denials and enable better earnings. With the presence of a highly skilled team, physicians can focus on treating degenerative diseases like Alzheimer for better long-term care. We are not just billing service providers; we are your revenue cycle management partner.

Features of Our Medical Billing Services in Boston

It is imperative for primary care physicians and internal medical practitioners to hire qualified billing services like Medheave. We provide a range of innovative features unmatched by other companies. Here is a snapshot of features that will make medical practice management an outstanding business operation.

Precise Geriatric Coding

Geriatric coding is where we make our first and biggest difference. Payers expect a claim to reach them with precise medical coding used for conditions and degenerative diseases geriatric patients are suffering from. 
Our medical coders are certified and well-versed in CPT and HCPCS coding guidelines. The geriatric coders of our billing company have AAPC certifications. This enables them to accurately decode a physician’s diagnosis and procedures performed into appropriate codes. The professional medical coders on our team have an unbeatable track record. With our assistance, chronic care medical practitioners can earn money on every claim submitted to insurance companies.

Geriatric Billing and Claim Scrubbing

The billing team at Medheave knows the importance of this essential step. They create mistake-free claims based on the code assigned by the coding team. We add all the services a physician has provided to patients, from the first encounter to drug prescriptions and procedures performed.
Additionally, our QA/QC team thoroughly examines each patient claim before it is submitted. Any mistakes, such as entity code errors, demographic entries, or insurance payer names, are accurately checked. After making an error-free claim that matches Peyer’s standard, we file the claim against the plan. Our claim scrubbing techniques are the industry’s benchmark of quality.

Prior-Authorization Services

Many procedures require pre-authorization from insurance companies because they are not included in the plan or have stipulations on them. A team of professional billing and coding staff from our company promptly informs the payer and asks for authorization.
After receiving approval, we inform chronic care physicians to carry on with the procedure. This service shows our command for generating claims with minimal to zero obstacles. We help your geriatric practice avoid compliance issues and reduce claim denials.

Provider’s Enrollment and Credentialing

We are experts in provider’s enrollment or contracting with insurance payers. Physicians treating geriatric patients can consolidate their earnings through new enrollment contracts. Our managers help medical practitioners find the best option for in-network and out-of-network enrollments. 
Enrollment in new contracts with payers offers new patient referrals and additional revenue opportunities. This intricate process is made easy with our assistance. Our staff hunts for the most lucrative contracts and informs providers. Hence, the best choices are put forward for selection. 
Similarly, we help clinicians keep up with the upcoming renewal of licenses and memberships in specific regulatory bodies. It’s evident that physicians spend the bulk of their time with patients. Thus, very important timelines for renewals of medical licenses are missed. Our assistance allows doctors to fulfill their regulatory obligations without taking time off from treating patients or their schedule.

Remote Patient Monitoring Services

Chronic disease patients require constant care, which sometimes translates into evaluating their health via different monitoring devices. We help healthcare professionals provide these services without interruption. Our assistance allows 24/7 care for patients suffering from diabetes, hypertension, congestive heart failure, stroke, etc. Providers and their assistants, such as nursing staff, can keep an eye on these patients. 
RPM services of our billing company for providers help them monitor and improve the medical condition of their patients. All the vital signs, such as heart rate, blood pressure, and blood glucose levels, can be easily monitored thoroughly without the need for a patient to travel for an appointment.

Insurance Eligibility Services

The medical billing team of our organization helps your practice by lowering and eventually ending claim denials. For this purpose, we do prompt insurance eligibility checks. Following this procedure provides assurance that a claim generated for a certain medical treatment will be entertained by the payer company. 
Before the patient-doctor encounter happens, our staff performs a verification of benefits. A systematic approach is applied, and a complete description of insurance plan coverage is gathered. Medheave’s medical billing team performs this step on every patient and helps you provide only those services that a patient is entitled to or included in the plan. This lowers the denial rate significantly and ensures a smooth stream of revenue for your practice. 

Geriatric Claims Denials Management

Denial management is an essential feature that allows healthcare establishments to avoid bad debts or loss of revenue. Since chronic care treatment is costly, any claim that comes back as a denial must be dealt with quickly and professionally. A late response or a slight overlook may cost your chronic care practice a big chunk of revenue. 
We offer a dedicated team of professionals, and their only job is looking after insurance claims that have gone through denials. They perform thorough investigations to find the root cause(s) and immediately take remedial action. By taking these steps, we ensure the end of reimbursement denial and put a stop to future occurrences.

Virtual Medical Assistant for Geriatric Patients

Our services offer chronic disease patients 24/7 online medical assistance. These VMAs have the responsibility of guiding patients with information related to appointments, medications, etc. Our online assistants will help with scheduling, cancellations, and rescheduling appointments and play a pivotal role in flourishing a practice’s earnings.
Providers can leverage the changing dynamics of technology by offering this facility to their patients. Our virtual patient help desk remains active throughout the year and supports patient care activities.  

Beneficial For All Medical Specialties

The benefits we offer to geriatric patients suffering from various diseases are tailor-made to cater to all medical specialties. Older patients have comorbidities and require visits to more than two or three specialties for better treatment. Our services are suitable for all the following specialties that treat such patients:

Medical billing and coding services offered by our company are universally accepted and can be retrofitted to any specialty that offers treatment to older patients. Clinicians can take various benefits from using our revenue cycle management solutions and strengthen their practice.

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